Is this normal? Should i harvest now?

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  1. hello guys, i’m growing 4 amnesia haze from rqs. I’m at week 10 of flowering, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, like nutrient burn kinda badly, but I’m still happy for my first grow ever.
    My problem is, in one of my plant, some buds in the middle ar plenty of orange hairs, while the top or lowers are still white.
    Is this normal? Should i harvest now?

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  2. From looks of those pics id say start flushing them,,,whats the breeder say time wise as far as being done ?

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  3. After the flush, you can harvest the buds that are ready and leave the lower ones to finish up

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  4. thanks for the replies! They say 12weeks! So I’ll start flushing them from tomorrow. I’d like to chop em at the end of week 11, that will be in 10 days. Do you guys recommend to not water the last 2/3 days?
    And what about the 24/48 hours dark cycle? (Not sure if i wanna do that)
    Thanks again
  5. I water until choppy choppy
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    Something doesn't sit right in the red circled area, it's not only the brown pistil's but those brown dead leaves. Please grab one by the tip and pull it out, to me this whole area is Bud Rot?

    Ps. Waky, waky hands off snakey.
    This is your main concern mate, you have to cut this out before you over infect the plant...
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  7. Hairs dont really tell the story - it is the TRICS that you need to monitor - and at 10 weeks I would flush and cut in the next week
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  8. Winner. Buy a jewelers loop and check the trichromes for cloudiness. Sellers timeline does not mean dick.
    When 1/2 the trichromes turn from translucent to cloudy, harvest time!!!!
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  9. Do you have a Ppm meter to check the run off to make sure it’s flushed good
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  10. looks like its overdone mate and im guessing behind that wierd bit is bud rot! be careful not to spread it cut the whole bud off if you suspect it is and take it out room and do your best there away from rest.

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  11. Looks like bud rot.
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  12. Well yeah, from what I’ve seen on google it’s definitely bud rot :frown:
    I’ve chopped the bud (the biggest of the plant ffs) and inside it looks kinda “spider web”.
    I’ve flushed the plants and I’ll chp em next week.
    I put the bud rot bud inside an envelope to dry in a drawer
    Because it is in the middle, should i cut the top and the lower parts of the bud that doesn’t look infected??
    Thanks everyone you just saved me to infect everything!:love:

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  13. id chop a good bit around the rot pal. dont let it dry with your bud or the bud that was near it. chuck it away its not worth spreading it or smoking it. as for harvesting next week... are you sure? it looks done mate..and not in the sense of its matured. its looks dead.. everyday youll find a new bit of bud rot in there if you look hard enough. you wanna chop everybit of you can get it outa that room. check those trics see if your bud is actually done or not. also check if the plant is even taking up water if its not and you find loads of rot i think you should just chop it and forget your lossess. your only going to lose letting it go furthur i think.. those buds as they are might taste like crap unfortunately with how unhealthy and rotten and dry they look. i had one like that pal i wish id cut it early instead of leaving it longer hoping it would mature.

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  14. if i was to guess id say youve had your lights way to close for awile and the heat in your room has been too high. also youve probably flushed straight up water instead of weaning of the nutrients first. which has caused the plant to become sick and lacking everything it needs to finnish.. which is where i think you are right now..
    no nutrients.. no way of taking up them.. using them.. no more maturing just rot rot rot and everyday losing weight as the plant breaks down

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    You totally got the point! Yes, I’m using quantum boards, and they were way too close!:unsure: Sometimes it got to 30degrees, i live in Rome and now it is super hot!!! I’m using canna nutes, and even if I’ve followed the chart it was too much, but won’t happen again i hope!
    So yeah, that plant with rot, as well is not drinking anymore, the pot stay wet for 3,4 days, so I’ve decided to chop it tomorrow.
    I’ve 3 other plants that look good even if smaller
    One of them has big colas , the thricomes are like 90% milky white, while the pistils are 50% white and 50%orange, is it ok to chop it as well?? (It looks really frosty, my only concern are the white pistils)
    I don’t have a separate room for drying them, so i have to use where they grew.
    I’ve other 5 plants at their 6 weeks of veg that will be transferred to the flowering room tomorrow after the chop!
    Anyway I really thank you
    It’s my first time growing and I’m totally in love, I’m learning everyday new things and i hope I’ll get an expert as you guys!:thankyou::weed:
  16. Myths! I can buy into the cutting the water! Can't see any difference with the dark period

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