Is this normal or do I have a problem?

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  1. Hey,

    Here is the top of my first plant about 4 months old, grown in a 2 gallon pot. It is only about 30 inches tall but up until now appeared to be pretty healthy. I have made about every mistake imaginable but it has managed to survive in spite of me. It seems to have stopped getting taller but is still producing leaves / flowers but the new leaves appear to be paler. My question is it almost time to harvest or do I have a problem? Any insight would be appreceated, thanks.

  2. That isn´t cannabis. Don´t know what it is, but you have been conned.
  3. Definintly not a Marijuana plant.
  4. no rudeness implied, but you have been growing for 4 months and that whole time you never realised that you weren't growing cannabis? didn't you ever ponder why the leaves were rounded and glossed?

    eh, we all make mistakes. If it helps, it looks healthy for what ever kind of plant it is.
  5. Some of those pics make it look more like a MJ plant... but there is still something very, very off about it.
  6. You sure that is all one plant??.

    I think someone´s having a laugh.
  7. Yes, it looks like cannabis....with a vine runnign through it!!! cant you tell the difference between the leaves? i see a little bud growing in one of those pics.
  8. I am very confused...:confused::smoking:
  9. it aint weed
  10. yup thats a very odd looking plant....
  11. Thats fucked. It looks like Marijuana, but it doesn't.
  12. There seems to be two types of plants in this picture...intertwined maybe? it just looks really really odd.
  13. lol.. that's the most fucked up plant I've ever seen - no insult intended. It looks like a cross between marijuana and basil. I can see some "typical" pot leaves but something is definitely wrong with the others and I can also see some small bud in one of the pics too but sorry, got no advice to give other than let it grow and see what happens. On the bright side, it looks green and kinda healthy.
  14. Turned out nice whatever you grew.
  15. Don't listen to everyone. It's definitely marijuana. Where do you live and where did you get these seeds from? There are atleast 3 known australian varities that look very different from the typical cannabis.

    1. "Australian Bastard Cannabis"
    This one is very weak in potency though, almost none. They have tried breeding it with high potency strains to make something interesting, but haven't had much success.

    2. WallyDuck's "DucksFoot"
    This plant's leaves are very webbed making each almost look like big round leaves, I don't think this is what you have. This one has an extremely strong smell and can compare with many top strains in potency and yield.

    3. Spice Brothers breeder Fet's "Dizzy"
    The top of your plant looks very, very similar to the strain Fet has been working on called Dizzy. He is the only one that has the genetics stabilized and he has been working with it for years and is now concentrating on just this strains so that he can finally release it to the public soon. However, there have been a few other reports of people who accidentally came across this plant or a random strain that has similar characteristics. The leaves at the top of your plant look very much like it, and that strain is also known for being able to grow like a vine. If put up against a wall or tree, it will "grip" whatever it's next to and climb it like a vine. I have read of atleast two other people accidentally discovering a plant that shares these genetics. It's just rare.
    Another interesting point to make is that the odd shape of the leaves at the top of your plant is a genetic mutation that oftne appears on clones when they are taken from a mother plant too far into flowering. I don't think this has anything to do with your plant, but it's just another example of MJ plants looking "different."

    Quote from Fet: "Some Dizzy has been ready for some time now but I'm just advancing into other areas and when this is complete I will release past completed two year old Dizzy projects. This way I'll stay ahead of the competition thieves who of course will dream up some tall story claiming some thing wonderful about their reproduction. I can just imagine the stories now ..they will always lag a few years behind no matter what they say." He is a nice guy. He only said that because there are many people who will take a newly released strain and make thousands of F2's off of it and re-release it before the original breeder has a chance to make any money off what he has been working with for years. He is just protecting himself there.

    Pics of Dizzy
    Lots of baby seedlings:

    A shot of one budding:
    He is working on many different crosses of Dizzy. One of those crosses he is trying to stabilize as a more commercial strain for guerilla growers, as it doesn't look anything like cannabis until late in flowering.

    If you want to read more about it and see more pictures,

    go here:
  16. + rep for a f'in great post man, tons of info i'm pretty stoned but that was really interesting to read.

    the second picture you psted of all the seedlings, look as if they are planted real close together. Is there a reason for this? just curious is all.
  17. looks like you have a vine growing all over your plant... are the round leaves actually attached to the plant itself? or are there other branches... i have no idea whats going on with it but i wish i could see it in person i have never seen anything like it... hope you find out what it is man
  18. i think i can definately see some marijuana leaves in there, so there it has to be a pot plant, but is it possible that theres another plant in there? or perhaps its just some kind of weird lookin plant, just wait and feed it plenty of phosphate and see how the buds are
  19. This is a marijuana plant but I dont think it looks like this because it is an australian strain I actually have a plant that looks just like this that is getting harvested in the next day or two. It started out like a normal plant but then I put it in flower to find out the sex then switched back to veg and vegged for about another month and it grew like that the whole way through and I kept it just to see how it turned out but it looks exactly like yours or at least it did too bad I didnt get any pictures now thta it is flowering it looks pretty normal I also did LST so its hard to tell.

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