is this normal for a flowering plant

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    idk what it is. its just this leaf and the fan leaf below it
  2. Sometimes a leaf damaged from previous overwatering will continue to limp even after the plant recovers.
  3. i just noticed it today and i dont think its been overwatered
  4. i just watered it, before this it wasnt watered for 4 days
  5. I have seen this before and not just with herb but with tomatoes. I have always wondered what that was. The one that I had recently that did that, though it looked strong at first, ended up growing very slow and almost stopped entirely while the others around it took off like a jungle.

    One instance is not proof but it may be evidence that something detrimental is going on.

    I'm tuned in and very curious.
  6. I cant see the whole plant, but my girls will drop a leaf from time to time. I figure she knows what shes doing. :wave:
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    ^there is some orange colouring right by the flower on the leaves.. is this normal?


    my friend said maybe they got too hot.. it happened to him once, so the fan is going on high for now.

    My 4 week old plant is now drooping its leaves too... yet the one that is a week behind the flowering plant is doing perfectly fine.

    Raised the CFL's a little (2 13w 3000k each plant)... thinking about misting them maybe?

  8. theres nooo way in hell that a few cfls would put off that much heat, to cause that much damage.

    but it looks very stressed from heat.
  9. i only recently put the CFL's in.. a week ago it was only 2 fluorescents Is it possible that the extra lights are stressing out the plant?
  10. u have burnt the leafs move ur lights away more u might be able 2 save it
  11. What are your temps like bro?

    It could be nute burn.
  12. I think you have some severe under lighting - that can cause some strange effects sometimes. Usually a pale yellowing and dark lower leaves that curl, but it may be a factor here. IMO - 13 watt CFLs are only good for cloning, I don't think anything under 23/27 watts should be used for vegging.

    What is your feeding program/nutes, water, & ph ?
  13. actually, I never fed them nutes, its just organic soil.
    Watered them yesterday.. I dont over water or under water
    I don't test ph... :p

    They were doing fine with the floros on top so I'm putting them back and putting the CFL's for side lighting. Will have to keep ventilation going all night methinks.
  14. Cool, I was asking because low magnesium causes strange leaf effects as well, especially if you are using distilled/RO water and not supplementing with calmag or epsom. Humidity is another suspect, if it's super low (like below 20%) then you can get some funky leaves as well.

    Good luck! You have suspects, now to the detective work LOL

    Edit: Almost forgot - bad ph can cause a lot of issues too, usually high soil ph has strange leaf issues like twisting, but plants can respond differently. Your runoff should be around 6.8.
  15. thanks. i think its looking a little better from this morning, maybe i should get out and buy a ph tester.. although im running short on cash. I need something cheap.. :/
  16. I think i have found the culprit..... I think its the water. Recently the water has been fucked, i dont drink it we have a water cooler.

    I'm going to go to a mountain spring and get water.. fuck this shitty tap water.

    What else can I use?
  17. looks to me like the ph was out of wack a bit and burnt em alil. that or you foliar feed?
  18. i live up around 10k feet and the water here is garbage.i would'nt go get water from the stream either.all kinds of stuff in there too.what im doing is now using an ro system.but the water is so bad it drips out so i went and bough 15 5 gal water cooler in the back has a filling station cost about 1.25 per 5's worth is...
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    can anyone tell me how i can make it hold water.. :/
    Is this possibly a phosphorus deficiency?

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