Is this normal death?

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  1. In the 8th week of flower using cfl's & T5's. Seeds are bagseed & 99% sure it's an indica. The buds don't look ready to harvest to me but the rest of the plant is not holding up well. I kno they die at the end of the process but I'm worried this is too much dying to keep going? Do I need to harvest or can I keep going?

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  2. It looks pretty normal to me. No one will be able to tell you when to harvest you need to check the trichomes under a magnifying glass.
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    Thanks. I kno they can't tell me when tp harvest but I wasnt sure if the plant will be ok until I am ready.
  4. It will hold up for a little longer. One of my blackjacks has been looking like that for over 2 weeks and it is still putting on weight.
  5. I'm worried their not putting on weight, but that's probably a seperate issue... :eek:
  6. Are they getting enough phosphorous? Rootbound?
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    Flowering usually takes longer under cfls and T5. I've only used HPS but I've heard some say to add 2-3 weeks on top of the breeders suggested flower time.
  8. Yes, completely normal.
  9. So I should be ok going another week or two?

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