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Is this normal and ok?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by GrowYourMiracle, Jun 3, 2009.

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    SWIM was given a hawaiian clone. SWIM was surpised when he got there to pick it up,for it was not a clone but a nice healty mother SWIM thinks.

    SWIM had it in his bedroom all night and went to put it out this morning in the wild.

    when SWIM got up he noticed that all the leafs were now drooping.

    Is this ok? Was this from the lack of light?

    SWIM plans on putting it in a bigger pot today and keeping it in a pot in the wild,for you never know whats in the dirt of the earth.

    here is a few pics to show you the drooping.

    You can clearly see where the plant was sexed.

    Also,the spot SWIM has does not get direct sunlight,but for the most part it gets good light....will this be ok?

    SWIM also has Auto-Fem thats fixing to go out as well :)

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  2. I think its normal when they ar not getting light my plants are only like that at night time the whole plant droops I would suggest that you try and put it in a spot with more direct sunlight
  3. looks like it lost its will to live... probably over watering and not enough sunlight...if you want a good yeild you need constant direct sunlight
  4. swim??hahaha
  5. Ok, lets talk in the third person. but yea, that appears to be overwatering to me.
  6. oops I didn't relize that you took those pics at day time,

    they are probably underwatered/over watered and definatly need more direct sunlight

  7. if they were underwatered the leaves would not be droopy, but crispy
  8. Yea, their defineatley overwatered
  9. lol yeah I wanted to mention that third person writing but I was too lazy to do it
  10. well SWIM put it out today in the sunshine...perked right up.....also i must add,it didnt droop unitl nighttime.

    SWIM can say it definitely isnt overwatered.

    put it in a nice 2 1/2-3 gallon bucket.

    small limb broke off,so SWIM thought of cloning it.

    looks great now!
  11. That's good news. Maybe they're lacking oxygen in the soil mix? Did he (lol) just take them out from inside, in that case it could be too much sun and heat stress? What does he think happened (not normal to answer your question). It could be beginning of lack of water too. They get crispy after a few days without water.
  12. honestly,SWIM has no idea what SHE was growing in before SWIM got her. it was a gift from a friend for earning points on MAFIA WARS for his MAFIA.


    She was in some kind of potting soil....jiffy mix i am asuming.

    SWIM has never seen SWIMfriends grow space,but SWIM is pretty sure SHE was under a light before SWIM got her.

    SHE is looking fine now. PICS afterwhile
  13. SWIM is crazy.
  14. swim is definitely crazy

  15. for shure!

    but serious about MAFIA WARS
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    Here are a few pics.

    Notice how well SHE is blended in.

    Notice the Pre-Flowers.

    She has a long way to go till harvest. SHE is gonna be a monster :)

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  17. Changed the name.....SHE is doing well.

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