Is this Nitrogen toxicity?

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  1. Screenshot_20220925-182238_Gallery.jpg So I think I've got some nitrogen toxicity happening after filling my pot up with some potting mix in hopes of insulating the roots and getting some more nutes in during flower. I've removed some of the added soil and thought to flush the soil to get excess nitrogen out. I've got some Costco water bottles laying around that say have alot of minerals neccessary during flower. PH is kinda high at 8 but for a one or 2 time watering i don't see that as a huge deal. Am I on the right track here what do u guys think or recommend?

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  2. no chance: nth American water has enough calcium in it without feeding the plants more, avoid at all costs

    feed you average tap water at air temperature 3 times the pot volume to allow it to dry out over night,
    to continue in the morning is the norm

    why risk it?
  3. Can you explain a little more about what you're saying bro? Does it look like ive got nitrogen toxicity and should flush and will those added minerals in the water do anything? Thanks
  4. the fact that they are bright green means to me that they are high in (N)

    and not worth a flush but Id rather miss a few feeds

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  5. I went ahead and just did a heavy watering so some of the nutes can pass through the runoff. Plants already look alot better and those canooed leaves are praying to the sky now. We will see how she reacts after a few more days hopefully it doesn't show anymore abnormal growth. Thanks!

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