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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by InertiaticLumen, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. ok i just sprouted a plant and now its about 1/2 and inch and its got this weird angle and color its like a yellow ish green and the angle is that the two little leave are just pointing side ways any help is welcome please

  2. That's because it's just sprouting. Don't mess with it or it'll die. It'll grow and turn into the nice green color in about a day.
  3. thanks alot man

  4. ok so its about 8 hours later and nothing has changed the 2 lil leaves are just hanging low and the stem thats letting them hang low is preety thin any suggestions
  5. give it time, it's just sprouted, it'll take a few days, those 2 leaves are called the cotlydons, the provide the fuel for the plant to get bigger, they work by turing light into energy.........what light source are you using, at this young age a fluro is best..........Peace out............Sid
  6. a flouro about an inch away i just coverted the bottom of a entertainment center into a grow box its about 3 feet longx2 widex3tall and i got a fan blowing in through a hole in the back a open container of water for humidity and the flouro over the seedling

    is it good or what
  7. Sounds good for now mate. Make sure the light is not too close to the plant as it will give it heat stress. Good idea would be to have some type of thermometer/hygrometer(measures humidity) in there somewhere to keep track of the atmosphere in the grow chamber.

  8. Also be sure you aren't over watering your sprout. They tend to stress very easily when over watered. A good way to tell if it need water is to poke your finger into the soil, about an inch or so down. If it feels dry, water it.

    If you've overwatering the plant, then that could be why it's yellow.
  9. im positive im not over watering i do that every day (poke finger into soil) nope its moist

    not it just not growing at all it grew to the size it is now when it was sprouted in one day

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