Is this mycorrhizae

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  1. I went out this morning to move the pots around a little bit and this one was kinda stuck to the board and I noticed this white fuzzy stuff on the bottom. 20190531_081212.jpg 20190531_081200.jpg
  2. Huh!
    Great question; I searched for an answer but could not find one.
    This particular fungus is directly related to roots; I see no root pieces near your fungus.
    I'm gonna make a W.A.G. that it is not mycorrhizae.
    Someone will be along to correct me.
  3. A CLOSE examination may tell you, if you have that sort of device.
    There are plenty of photos of mycorrhizae to compare to.
  4. Hard to see in my pictures but if you zoom on the one. Screenshot_20190531-103832_Chrome.jpg
  5. Inwas trying to hold the pot and take pictures at same time it was hard to get a pic
  6. I know what it generally looks like but just going off what I've seen online and that sure looks like it to me :love-m3j:
  7. Well then, all is good in the world!
  8. Oh yeah brother
  9. That type of white mold means you have an active living soil. I panicked when I first started using ProMix that stated to include mycorrhizae because it would do that if I kept my tote lid shut for too long. I Google'd it and it said it wasn't worrisome.
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  10. I just wondered because they're in roots organics greenfields that's it but I gave them half a handful of super soil concentrate so they must've been chowing down. I've never actually seen it before.

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