Is this my fault?

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  1. Ok so i was coming up on a red light, cars in front and back and there was some room so i let one car turn left onto the road, i wave the other guy thru. But theres a left turn lane up ahead and i was in the right lane and a guy goes around us to get into the left, was somewhat not right since he crossed over the double yellow for a little and almost hits the one guy pulling out but slams on the brakes. So the 2nd car i waved through almost got hit but a truck going around me and the other driver behind me and slammed on the brakes. Would it be somewhat my fault for waving him through since i couldnt see that behind me 2 cars a guy will go around us. Or is it the 2nd car who i waved through for pulling out without looking good, or the truck for going around us? I dont believe it should be mine since he doesnt have to do what i tell him, like i didnt tell him he was all clear.

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  2. Depends. Were the cars in front of you stopped? If not, your actions could have caused the truck to go around you. It's equivalent to forcing someone to pass you on the right even though you're going the speed limit. Yes, they're speeding, but slower traffic must always yeild, at least in CA.

    If all the cars were stopped, it would be the cars that are moving that would be at fault.

    I've had driving laws beaten in to my head thanks to my grandfather who was a driving instructor for many years and taught me how to drive. His teachings have kept me out of trouble.
  3. yes everyone was stopped at a red light and instead of stopping in the middle of that little intersection (wasnt a road the car was turning off of, was CVS parking lot) i let him go. Since i was taught to never stop in an exit/ entrance that has a break in the yellow line.
  4. Well then with all the traffic being stopped, and assuming that the CVS parking exit allowed left hand turns, it would be the truck that passed on the double yellow that is at fault in case there was an accident. In most states, you can cross a double yellow line to turn if it is safe. You cannot pass on it though.

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