Is this mold?

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  1. This is my 1st grow.

    I’m growing blue mystic and am on week 7 of bloom.

    I’ll start by saying that my tent has been humid the entire grow. Usually between 70-80% humidity. This didn’t change in bloom. I have ventilation and fans blowing, but still humid. My buddy was recently over to look at the plants and he thought that it smelled musty in the tent. I hadn’t noticed anything before, but started to pay attention to it. I’m still not 100% whether it smells musty or if it’s normal blue mystic smells.

    I purchased a dehumidifier out of fear of mold, which will arrive today.

    Today I noticed some discoloring on the leaves as well as some tiny black dots on some of them. See photos. I haven’t noticed any obvious mold like you might see in photos, but What I saw might be the starting of mold. I’m hoping this isn’t mold, but I fear the worst. I’ve been at this grow for over 130 days. It would absolutely suck to lose it at this point.

    I’m also wondering if this might be a Thrip problem? Those symptoms seems similar to my plant’s symptoms.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hey Jimothy,
    Yes, I see thrips in your pictures. The first photo right in the center. Just screen zoom into the center where the light color is. There are several live thrips on that leaf. I saw thrips on other leaves that were still attached to the plant. Thrips move fast, there were no thrips on any of the leaf samples that you cut, only damage.
    Some people reach for Neem oil, I prefer a pyrethrum product. You can spray, what phase of bloom are you at? Thrips lay eggs in the soil, larvae develope in the soil. Adults are poor flyers, add air currents to disrupt their fly.
    If you are real close to harvest treatment may not be worth it.
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  3. T
    Thanks so much for the help. We’re about 8.5 weeks into bloom with a strain that google tells me takes 8-9 weeks in bloom. Some people say it takes 10 weeks.

    Is there a danger to the buds if we leave the pests alone since we’re within a couple weeks of harvest? Will they kill the buds or possibly make them dangerous to smoke? Or will the treatments make the buds dangerous to smoke?

  4. That’s pretty close to harvest. Someone else may say to spray. I think, if it were me, I would treat the soil with a Pyrethrin drench. Increase air currents to disrupt their flight. When you check your plants, give them a good shake in the wind.
  5. Ok. Will do. If the thrips are there when we harvest, will that be dangerous to us at all or will they fall off when the buds dry?
  6. I personally don’t consider it a threat. You may not realize that we eat tiny bugs without knowing.
    There are many harvests than have contaminants, bugs, dust, unknown residue among other things.
    Three bucket bud wash. It’s a safe process .
    If you want to see what forum members say, do a topic search using the spy glass at the top of this page. Lots of talk about the wash.
  7. Will do! Thank you so much. You’ve been a Greta help.


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