Is this mold?

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  1. its been raining for several days and has been quite humid
    Is this mold?
    It’s an outdoor bag seed grow
    And my first one
    Both pics were taken today

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  2. No, those are called trichomes. They’re very important.
  3. I know that, but there’s a gray hue that’s concerning
  4. They gray hue is what I speak of
  5. No, but it’s taken a gray hue since the rains come on
  6. I don’t think you should worry. Some nutrients would be good to add right around now though. Especially with the rains. They tend to dilute the fertilizer.
  7. Look fine
  8. Yeah looks ok to me and the grey hue could be some sort of color coming thru from the weather but looks good to me. Good luck

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  9. Doesnt look like mold to me. Mold will usually be white in the form of powdery mildew or brownish-grey with bud rot. But the bud rot usually starts as "chunks" of the bud being that brownish-grey color. Yours are looking great and I wouldnt be concerned.
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    You can spray with potassium bicarbonate ,It kills mold, fungi on contact and will not hurt your plant in the slightest .
    Same shit all the grocery store use on they're vegies to control decomposing vegies
    Super cheap ,, like a pound bag for under 20 bucks ..
    Half tea spoon per gallon .
    Personally I don't see any mold .. on your plants but I normally spray for powdery mildew and insects regardless if my plants look like they have any fungi or insect issues .

    Potassium Bicarbonate will not burn your plant like Hydrogen Peroxide .
    Hydrogen peroxide lowers the PH on the leafs .
    Potassium bicarbonate raises the PH above 8.2 thus killing the fungi
  11. That looks like powder mildew (PM) and it looks like a bod case. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide at a 1 to 3 ratio to water. It will change the terpene profile slightly but will kill the PM. If you want a commercial spray use Zerotol. Good luck PM sucks!
  12. Sorry that wasn't your photo it was someone else's. Never mind-
  13. Well you are right the pic you where talking about ,, that plant has PM and bad .

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