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Is this mold??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by caindowg, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. So, is this mold?

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  2. No help at all
  3. No mate , it s a deficiency ( potassium or else )
  4. Thank you for your reply
  5. Could be necrosis from too much humidity/heat. What's your room like?
  6. Day
    Low rh 40s
    Temps 25 c
    80 rh
    20 c
  7. Was that leaf laying on/touching your medium?
  8. Maybe this can help?

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  9. No it's not touching it's all over the plant
  10. Do a flush but with the last gallon mix 1/2 strength nutes and ph to 6.8
  11. 6.8? Isn't That a little high
  12. Isn't that a little high? Half strength burns them
  13. Half strength shouldn't be burning them. Make sure you are mixing correctly. Posting pictures of your whole plant would help us, help you. We can't diagnose a problem from one leaf. You say the plant was nute burnt but that leaf shows a deficiency.
  14. Sorry to invade ur tread , my plant is giving me hell too tried it all still don't know what the problem ! Maybe someone could help !

  15. check my aggregated sick plant thread :)

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