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Is this mold?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by theportableshoe, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. #1 theportableshoe, Aug 11, 2012
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    Hey guys, finally decided to sign up :hello:

    anyways, I just bought an ounce of this stuff, (maybe have smoked 4g's of it between me and some friends). When I went to buy the stuff the dealer said the leaves were a bit brown because it had been left under the light a bit long (should I also be concerned if some leaves are dried out?), and that i shouldn't worry because he smoked it and it's good stuff.

    Later upon inspection I noticed that some of the leaves have a small build up of white stuff on it. On a decent sized nug maybe 1 or 2 leaves have it, but im still paranoid. I don't want to throw this whole O out.

    is this mold? (sorry for bad quality, all I have is my blackberry)

    I'm a bit paranoid to smoke this stuff..although it's tempting.. let me know what you think guys.
  2. meh i cant really tell man

    try your hand at making some BHO!
  3. Looks fine to me, smoke that shit lol
  4. come on blades!
  5. bra you are just trippin smoke that shit up. ive seen like 2000 of these mold threads but only like 5/2000 are actually mold.
  6. yeah it looks fine to me. does it smell musky? I think its straight though but only you can tell buy observeing the buds yourself
  7. 3rd and 4th pictures look moldy, can't really say for sure though because your pictures are out of focus....
  8. I don't see any mold there. But the pictures aren't very good so...
  9. Looks like some kinda deficiency in the leaves. All good bro smoke up
  10. looks like light burned or nute burned leaves.

    i would use a jewelers loupe and check it out, the only way to know. unless you get a good enough camera and the skills to get a good macro of the "moldy" spots....

    also from what i hear, mold spores will float in water and thc will sink....
  11. I suggest that you relax and smoke some of that cannabis. I've had a lot of experience with it, and In my opinion, those buds look fine. Most molds are usually dark and cause the buds to smell a bit different than usual (depending on the strain).

    Great advice man.
  12. Does it smell dank or does it smell like ammonia?
  13. Is there a white/gray/brown/black fuzz growing? Pull some apart and take a look closer to the stem.

    The pics are kinda low resolution... If you want a cool trick, take a photo through a magnifying glass. It helps get really clear close up shots.
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    It has a nice earthy smell if that makes sense? (I'm pretty stoned :smoking:)

    It has a nice earthy smell if that makes sense

    There is no fuzz of any colour on it. Just white spots that clearly arn't clusters of crystals. Im not sure if it's from a deficiency in the plant? or if its actually just mold. and thanks for the tip :p I've gotta go see if I can find a magnifying glass

  15. Is it a nice earth smell or does it smell like dirt? Do the white spots look like they're in the leaf or on the leaf?

    You'll be amazed at the clarity you can get through a magnifying glass and a simple phone camera. I've also used my phone camera and a microscope to get decent pictures (my double headed trichome avatar pic was taken this way and enlarged and cropped in photoshop). Make sure you have plenty of light and your camera's flash is off.
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    Burning the mold destroys spores. So it will probably just taste bad. If there is any. I would smoke it.

  17. if its brown or different colored i'd say it is but id smoke it anyways haha looks good!
  18. You guys are crazy to smoke mold if you know its there. First of all, fungus spores can survive space and atmospheric reentry. Second, you burn the top but are still sucking in spores from the bottom. Last, most dispensaries reject bud with mold because that is not medicinally ethical to sell.
  19. updates :(

    turns out the bud is moldy....broke open one of the buds and found that white cob web-ish mold. Such a shame.. almost a whole O and a bunch of my money gone to waste..


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