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is this mold?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tastytrichomes, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. so my girlfriend got a fuckin eighth from someone supposedly "dank" turns out it's some midsy shit... kinda pissed. but now that i look at it, i even see these white spots on this one nug? could this be mold?

  2. It appears to be so.. take a few more pics to confirm.
  3. turns out it's actually on the other nugs too. sorry if there's too much light


    im gonna fuck this guy up
  4. You should definitely pick the bud up from now on man. Lol :smoke:
  5. Yea man that looks like mold to me.
  6. Not sure if this is true at all but I heard that mold grows from the inside of the bud to the out. So, tear the nug open and see if there is anymore of the white inside.
  7. i would break it apart but im giving it back to the asshole who gave it to my girlfriend and if i don't get my money shit's going down
  8. Could be man, I don't he'll notice if one nug is broken open, just crack it open and see if theres mold inside.

    That would confirm whether you should call him back.
  9. i broke it open and it doesnt appear to be any significant instances of mold but there are random white clumps on the outside which i've never seen on my bud before... he says he got it straight from his grower? why wouldnt it be dank then... why would it have these random ass white clumps?
  10. either way if there mold on it, he should take that shit regardless if hes reliable at all. If hes a new dealer, well shit might not pan out. The mold could be due to the growers inability to properly dry and cure the bud.
  11. [quote name='"tastytrichomes"']i would break it apart but im giving it back to the asshole who gave it to my girlfriend and if i don't get my money shit's going down[/quote]

    lol do that ^
  12. About 10 years ago I've got free weed from a friend of a grower before because it didn't turn out so good.

    I ended up giving it away as well after smoking some of it, so many seeds you wouldn't even believe it.
  13. i dont have a magnifying glass anywehre, but when i take my glasses off and look at it up close it's still questionable... random white spots? he says it's chronic... straight from his grower

    if it isnt mold blades, what could it be?

    and if he wants a 10 dollar refund fee and for me to drive all the way to his house to get my money back im fucking him up. he says it's chronic though, and i cant see a "spiderweb" pattern but this pisses me off because it's still quite questionable
  14. well this is some mold on a previous batch, looks similar to yours. The batch had few of these spots, but sadly it was mold. just made some hemp oil with it.[​IMG]
  15. If the buds dried enough crack it open, mold spores will float thc will not.

    And getting directly from the grower means nothing... I've picked up a from a grower who was either keeping his shit wet for weight, or didn't know his shit, but it was moldy. Grower means nothing... Gotta pick up from a good grower

    best of luck bro!

  16. Chill dude, it's a fucking eighth, that ain't shit. Next time you should check it out. It was your girlfriend's decision to buy it, not the dealer's.
  17. yeah dude, you can't really be that pissed at the dealer. your girlfriend didn't know what to look for, chalk it up to inexperience. how do you know the dealer even knows?
  18. #18 Tastytrichomes, Aug 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2012
    turns out it wasnt mold. i looked up a lot of pictures and i couldnt find that it was actually mold. so i talked to him about it and he said hes smoked it himself, would never do anything that fucked up

    but i was mad because ive gotten from him before and if he tried to practically kill me by making my girlfriend and i smoke mold that's ridiculous. and an eighth is money man... 50 bucks is money
  19. 50 is money if you are a broke bastard.
  20. Oh shit, Yes thats mold!!!, Break his fingers if he doesnt refund or swap out with good bud!

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