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Is this mold on my weed..??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Reena, Aug 3, 2017.


Can anyone verify if this is mold on my weed

  1. mold on weed for sure

  2. Not mold

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So I have been informed about mold and recently I have noticed what I assume would be mold.. however a friend suggested I may be confused with trichomes however I am able to see the difference.. Mold being cotton web like texture.. the trichomes being a sticky syrup like substance.. when I first heard about it and noticed I was upset for a whole week being that i was now on edge about smoking mold.. So when I told my dealer.. to no surprise were they unable to see it and think I don't know what I'm talking about.. and out of alot of people i am the only one to mention this.. so now I'm on this forum hoping to find out if I am in the wrong and do more research or of I'm actually on board and know what I'm talking about lol thanks guys

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  2. When ever I get mold it looks like small yellow greenish spots. The only thing I can properly see is the white fuzz in the middle of your weed that looks off.

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  3. Can't Tell...?

    fill 2 glasses with warm water

    in one galls add a cap fill of household Bleach


    dip the suspect into the bleach glass for a count of 5

    extract and dip to the glass of water, wash the bleach off

    any Mold present will have turned to Snot! (Ugh)

    otherwise leave the washed bud out to dry to smoke in about 2-6 hours

    good luck
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  4. It just looks like slight discoloration to me. I wouldn't stress if it doesn't seem fluffy or have a particle like texture.
  5. It appeara to be a fluffy web-like texture so as much ad I'd love to go ahead and light up.. it's really hard lol
  6. Thanks.. I will give it a try.. Not sure about smoking it afterwards lol but in any case..thank u for your advice
  7. Yesssss.. u see it too.. I'm not crazy lol.. if it's white hairs I assume it would be around the bud.. Not
    inside the bud growing outwards from the stem..
  8. Growing outward from the stem would be normal. Please don't bleach ur bud that's just crazy man.
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  9. I took another picture and the 2 buds look different from the rest so you guys tell me..

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  10. That isn't mold. It isn't. And don't dip your ganja into bleach. Certainly DO NOT smoke it if you do.

    I would smack the fucking shit out of any one of my friends who was stupid enough dip thier ganja in bleach and then smoked it. Dafuq?!
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  11. Lmaooooo... real talks bout the bleach.. jus wanted to ask if u also looked at the other photos I posted..
  12. That isn't mold
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  13. Not mold. The center of buds can look like mold due to the visible non glandular trichomes (those white hairs on the stems) but are confused with mold often even by myself until I take a closer look with a lighted magnifier. But you have some decent bud there that's all.
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  14. I want everyone to know that I went to find out through a medical marijuana grower expert and Cali.. and to no surprise I was right on the ball.. So everyone who thought it wasn't mold.. be really careful.. here is what he had stated..

    'Dear Reena,

    Yes, I've seen that many many times. You have, 100%, without a doubt mold.

    It's true what your friends say, one should have specialized equipment, a jewellers loupe at the very least but I have seen that so many times I can assure you it's mold. Botrytus most likely, or grey mold.'

    There you have it guys.. So be careful and stay lit✌
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  16. Sadly it is mold.. view my latest post
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  17. Sadly it is mold.. view my latest post
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  18. This is the first time I have ever seen someone suggest freaking bleach. Shit just got

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  19. Lmaoooooooo
  20. Sadly it is mold.. read my latest post
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