is this mix too strong for my 10 day old seedlings?

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    Base Mix:
    1/3 C.S.P.M.
    1/3 Perlite
    1/3 (50/50 worm power EWC / Oly Mountain Fish Compost)
    Amendments per cubic foot:
    1/2 cup Kelp Meal
    1/2 cup Neem Cake
    1/4 cup Crab Meal
    1/4 cup Shrimp Meal
    Minerals per cubic foot:
    1 cup Basalt rock dust
    1 cup Glacial rock dust
    1 cup Gypsum
    1 cup Oyster shell flour

    planning on mixing this up right now and transplanting my 10 plants into the mix in a couple hours.
    here is a link to my journal
    First Medical Organic Grow Journal

    I also have 1 gallon of filtered water /w 1/8 tsp 200x Aloe Vera flakes and just over 1/2 tsp coconut water powder added too. I will likely hydrate the soil with this and water them down after transplant. LMK if there is anything else I should do, do I need to add my bio ag ful power with coconut water powder??
  2. ask @missinglighter i think she had problems with oly compost that hasnt cycled for a week or two before using.
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  3. with the 50/50 mix of EWC/Olyfish, it will probably be ok. once i added good worm poo, everything evened out over time.

    if you haven't planted them yet, i think you have time to mix the soil and let it sit for a week. the longer any soil mix sits, the easier time you have. i have mixed it and planted same day and sometimes it works but lately, it hasn't and some folks feel like its the olyfish. they have been advertising a lot on TV the past year through a few gardening TV shows and through a few garden centers. they are most likely needed to speed up production and quantity due to demand. this is usually when corners are cut and yard waste is used. that is wood chunks and not what we want for our potting mix. i still use the olyfish outdoors and it is fine. i think it is a bit different in a container where all the biology comes from the compost and outdoors there is soil already there with some microbe activity already. when you select compost bins, they tell you to set them down on the ground so it makes contact with the soil which will speed up decomposition. just how i understand it so far.
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