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Is this mids or dank?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by clsosa420, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. I just picked up an ounce of superglue from my dealer for $160 a couple days ago. He grows and sells for pretty cheap, but would you say this bud is mids or dank? I'll throw a couple pics below with flash. There aren't any seeds as far as I can tell and I believe it's hand trimmed.
    IMG_3337.JPG IMG_3338.JPG
  2. I'd ask for 80 back. But if your in an illegal state. I guess that's alright. Could have trimmed it up for you.
  3. They look aight. A close up would help decide.
  4. id prolly buy that for 160 if i liked flower...but it depends on where you live. if your buying that in maine you should be getting a better deal...its all woods here so everyone and their grandma grows now
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  5. how does it smoke? that's the answer!
  6. Where the heck are you guys? That looks good to me and worth it. North east here
  7. That'd be a good deal here in Texas the bud doesn't look bad not the best trimming tho
  8. there'd better not be any seeds!!!!!!!!!!!

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