is this male or female

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by aparker813, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. this plant has had a rough life but has made it to a little over 3ft tall right now and i honestly cant even tell what sex is..i'm bout to get rid of it but i wanted to make sure its def. not female first

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  2. I think it may be female. Do you have a magnifying glass? Are you growing with female plants around it? If your growing indoor have you switched the light to 12/12? IF and only IF its alone, try to bud it, because then it wont ruin any other female plants.
  3. HIGH All, looks like a Female.........
  4. look female to me
  5. yep..if its in flowering already, i'd say female..congrats
  6. hot damn im happy...and not just cuz im ripped out of my mind

    also big thanks to whoever helped me out there on AIM
  7. female, congrats
  8. another pic of it in its current state...its likin the flos vs. what was on it before (i wont even mention horrible)

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  9. its looking good man keep up the good work...
  10. holy crap, i'm so fucking stoned, but still, that last picture you just posted is freakin' sweet photography man!
  11. mmm pre-flowers. I look forward to seeing some of my own in a few weeks
  12. Congrats on the female...good luck. Looks great!
  13. haha yeah i was just layin on the floor all high staring up at it and was like whoaaaa...i need my camera, glad to see i wasnt alone in that thought

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