Is this lst gonna work?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I tried my luck at lst'ing my smaller plant. Didnt have long staples or anything so i tried zip-tying it to the side of my bucket... kinda ghetto i guess. Do you guys think it'll work? The nodes or new growth have moved up towards the light... The leaves are also pretty droopy, im watering tomorrow so ill see if its thirsty.. or maybe it could be because of my cold temps at night?

    Also.. I have a 56 week old kush plant and the tips of the leaves are wilting a bit. I have included pics. What could this be.. a deficiency?

    I know its a lot of questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  2. She is really unhappy and over watered or heat stressed. Let it dry out more see if leafs perk back up.
  3. Could be to much nutes?? No? And yea that lst looks legit. Ive done it that way a couple times. It may pop mine did....but just pay attention to it and take it off once its leveling out
  4. I dont believe that is heat stress, it looks more like over fertilizing. Its being burnt to death =\
  5. Oh i saw it wrong i guess... You could also just zip tie or wire tigh(like on bread) the top to lower on the stem. Be gentle not to snap it though
  6. Yea that is exactly what i think it looks like. I had a bit of the same in my garden, once i watered down my solution it cleared up
  7. So its not heat stressed at all then? I use a quarter tsp for nutes but I can lower it. I have it in my garage attic so it gets down pretty low at night. To compensate I have a heater next to the intake fan so it may get pretty hot.. not sure. So should I not water it tomorrow like I was planning then if it may be overwatered? I have a kush plant that is beautiful that was sooo much easier than this girl has
    thanks guys
  8. If the soil is not dry, dont water. That plant isnt showing signs of heat stress, but low temps could be part of the problem. How low are we talking?
  9. Probably around 40s at the lowest. But with the heater on it should be staying significantly warmer. Im in the cold state of Ohio so there's not much I can do to control the temp unfortunately. My other plant is doing great in these temps
  10. Genetics have everything to do with how well a plant will do in certain climates. 40 degrees is very cold... most plants dont grow at all in that temp. You probably have a mixture of temp stress (too cold) and over watering.
  11. Ok ill let her dry out for a bit and see how that works.
    Thanks gc you guys are lifesavers
  12. 40 is way to cold I think even 50s are cold. But also don't water everyday! That heater may dry the soil out a lil quicker too. My plants hate when I put my fan by my heater vent so be careful with that. Looks nice and bushy.
  13. I normally stick my finger about an inch or two down into the soil, if it's dry then I water, if not, then I leave it for a couple days. The very top layer tends to dry out quick because of the lights on them, but just under that it is still wet.
  14. If it is nute burn, and you are growing in soil i assume, let it dry out and then flush with just water no nutrients. this will flush out your soil and help.

    Also i grow hydro but have grown allot in soil... I always like to let my plants dry a good amount before watering especialy ganja, it likes the dry out. I lift the pot to get a feel for its dry weight and not by the look or feel of the soil.

    Allowing your soil to dry out will give the roots better gas exchange. They breath in the soil and expell gass into the soil as it dries. This will make your plant grow allot faster! This is what makes the flood and drain hydro method so good. Also try watering from bellow your pots... Like a saucer under the pot. Canstantly watering from the top will give to shallow roots which dry out too fast and give you less than best results.. Just a fast run down CHEERS!
  15. I think u have nutrient burn. Try to use only water with no fertilizer and it should get back to how it should be. Pick up a book calld " Marijuana garden saver" everything u will ever need to no in dat book. bout 10 buks online. hope it works out 4 u
  16. Yea i say let them dry out just in case you have over watered them... But you know better than anyone how much they have got. But honeslyt shit looks pretty minor tbh

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