Is this love?

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Bob Marley - Is This Love[/ame]

    It seems like every time I try to forget my feelings for her exist they come back after a day... when she tells me she's having a bad day (VERY BAD DAY) and won't tell me why, it makes me hurt and deperessed, it's as if i'm connected to her. I sit and watch her suffer, I feel her emotional pain, she has kind of made it clear that she doesn't want a relationship with me, yet, I can't help but feel that it will all come together one day, I told my friend today "If she could just get the love she needs, whether from me or not, I would be happy, that's how much I care for her." I think i'm in love with her for so many reasons and then some, but I'm not sure, I need a way to cope with this (I don't have any ganja right now) and it doesn't take her from my thoughts. for about 2 days I told myself I was over her, but in reality I knew it would come back and eat me alive. IS THIS LOVE?
  2. Only you know if it's love.

    I could've written the exact same paragraph as you by the way. Damn.
  3. For some people lust is what they confuse with love. I don't have sexual feelings toward her, I just wanna love her and treat her right... every day and every night.
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    Well I'm in love man.
  5. Fuck YA!!!!!! I soon as I saw this title I thought of Bob. This song is amazing!!!!
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    damn, she has had some horrible relationships, almost everything you say is the same. this one isnt a virgin, her friend squeezed the fact that I am a virgin out though and I think she may contemplate whether I am real, or if i'm just a horny asshat like her past boyfriends. and she has opened up to me, I just don't feel like it means much now though.

  7. COuld you edit out my quote? I was going to delete after your read.
    It feels wrong posting that about her and don't want it here forever.
  8. before you ask if it is love, there is a better thing to ponder; what is love?

    [ame=]YouTube - Haddaway - What Is Love[/ame]

    bobbing your head to the side might help :)
  9. jah mon fa sho, quoting is a habit ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  10. yes! no, it didn't help, but it helped for 3 minutes 59 seconds.. :D
  11. Thanks alot!
    Wish you the best in your romances.
    I don't know enough about your situation/her history to give her advice. But if you're good friends, just stay so, I doubt your feelings will pass if you do, but eventually something is bound to happen. Just hang in there. It's what I tell myself.
  12. good lookin out budfather, thats what ive been thinkin... stay good friends... its almost summer maybe we will spend more time together. it would just be cool if it was her and i, seems like lately she wants me to bring my friend, unfortunately I know she likes him, hes my best friend in the world and he told me he wasnt gonna go out with her... dont know what it means for me... PEACE!
  13. Damn, that's an awful situation.
    For me, if she wanted anyone, it would be me, but she wants no one. Which makes everything hurt so much more.

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