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  1. Heyy

    I was given this about 2 weeks back, it was a rooted baby in a growcube, its currently got a 250W HPS lamp on it and about a cm of water covering the base of its pot (its still in the cube, in the pot.)

    Is it looking healthy enough? I just ask because it hasnt grown much in the last 2 weeks, maybe half an inch?

    I've also noticed some early bud.. is this a problem?

    Thanks peoplessss

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  2. It looks a little droopy. I'm no expert but it kind of looks like you changed the light cycle too early.
  3. My mum wont let me have the light on 24/7 (lol.)

    Is this an absolute MUST for a plant this size? Or can i get away with 16/8
  4. From what I know, 24 hour is just gonna make the whole growing process just a little shorter. I think its best to have a few hours of dark so the babies can cool down a little. 16/8 sounds like it would be ok. you gotta keep it vegging for a while man, AT LEAST 5 weeks I would say.
  5. Sounds good man, thanks.:smoke:
  6. Well here is what it looks like. It looks like it was a cutting taking from a flowering plant already do it takes a little longer for it to switch back into Vegitative because it is used to 12/12 light cycle. I would throw it into 18/6, it is going to take probably at least 2 weeks, but I wouldn't Veg it past about 15" of growth. Therefore when the plant reaches 15" I would flip it to 12/12.

    Also what is the pH of your water? Any nutrients? She does not look happy.
  7. If it's in a grow cube does it need nutes? And I'm not sure of the ph... How do I find out?
  8. First take a day or two and google some grow guides learn about growing, decide if you want soil or hydro, learn the necessities of growing. You are gonna need a way to check the pH get a pH meter, either a soil one or a regular hydro one. Test the runoff after you water them for the pH.

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