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Is this long enough for a tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OGking420, Jun 26, 2017.

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    Over the years like all stoners my tolerance has gone up alot and i know it takes 2 weeks for thc to completely leave your system but it's my friends bday in 6 days and I'm definitely going to smoke. Im a daily smoker and sometimes i blaze more than once a day (understatement). So my question is if 6 days is enough to at least make a noticeable difference in my tolerance. And tolerance breaks aren't something i enjoy so i don't want to have to go on another one if 6 days isn't enough so if anyone knows any ways to bring down tolerance faster plz leave that in the thread too. Btw i already know about drinking lots of water and exercising vigorously to help lower your tolerance faster.
  2. 12 hours is enough to make a significant difference.


    Smoke every day and a few big bong rips is almost too much.

    Just smoke once at night and you're fine.
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  3. I wish 12 hours was long enough for me but then again maybe i just didn't notice the difference. The reason im taking a t break is because I wanna get fucked up off a few bong rips like i used too back when i first started smoking. I even heard u can never get as high as u used too cause even if your tolerance is low or non-existent ur used to being high so u know wht to expect and it's not a new and exciting experience like it was when u first smoke which is a real bummer plz tell me they were wrong.
  4. They are right and wrong. I was at a party last night, had probably only smoked a gram within the past week and a half.

    Passed me a bong three times (this was before drinking), and I hadn't been that stoned since my first year of smoking.

    As for the first time experience, or the first week, nah, that'll never come back. Have a 1-1.5g/day habit normally, past couple months not so much. A lot better smoking less tho
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    That sucks cause u probably only got that high cause u were crossfaded (here's a tip always smoke weed before drinking and not the other way around or you'll get the "spins" the saying goes "Weed then beer ur in the clear, Beer then grass ur on ur ass") so there's really no other way to get that high even after a tolerance break but maybe if someone quit for years so when they got back to smoking it would be like a whole new experience but who am i kidding im not gonna quit for a year it's killing me on the inside just to stop for 6 days. But the first time i smoked wasn't the highest i got not even the first week i smoked probably a month after i started blazing was the highest i got so r u saying i can still reach that high
  6. That was before I had any alcohol. I can take a hit off a bowl and be stoned because I stopped smoking blunts and papers. We do get good shit here, but I can't say it's solely because of that. That's not a once in a while thing, getting that baked. That's EVERY time I smoke more than a hit or two.

    I got the spins bad when I was new. I'm a little too seasoned to crossfades now :biggrin:

    Anyway, good luck man. 6 days should be more than enough.
  7. Thx for the advice
  8. 6 days is better than 0.

    You'll definitely feel a difference.

    If not, then you might need a MUCH longer one, or you need a change of perspective on what you want to get out of weed. 2 weeks it may be chemically out of your system but it takes a while for your brain to "forget" and everybody is different.

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