Is This Light Suitable For Growing?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Newbez, May 20, 2013.

  1. looks good to me man, happy growin.
  2. Looks good. But if you can get 2 bulbs, one 6500K and the other 2700K. But if money is tight that duel one that you posted will work.
  3. I'm a complete noob so a reply would be really appreciated: what is a dual bulb? I'm not too sure what that means, which the bulb have a function to switch between the two settings or does it mean that it'll work both ways simultaneously - maybe I'm just over complicating it.
  4. They both work simultaneously, no switching, half the bulb is blue(vegging 6500k) half is red(flowering 2700k) so 150watts each. they are big tho, about the size of a 2litre coke bottle. I've got one of these and it works great, no noticable difference between yeilds on this and using 2 different veg and flowering bulbs, i;ve tried both, i now use this above my plants and i drop down the other 2 bulbs below the canopy on my other grows to get more light underneath. 
  5. Thanks bro. I guess I'll just get of one of these. But if there is an option to get two separate bulbs that consume less energy that'd be great. I can't find a suitable one though so any help here?
  6. Hey guys,
    I just got a 600watt MH about 3 weeks into veg and before I had 2x 150watt cfls..... but my Q. is that; I had my cfls running 24 but with the big watt difference, gets lil hot in my tent(81F). and the no need to really run 24. (So I switched to 20/4!!) So for the first night(last night) and the first time I had the lights off for 4hrs! So now im running veg at 20/4 now, will this do anything like strees the plant out, anything really bad like start flowering cause I really didn't want to do that this early!! PLEASE LEAVE A TIP!! VERY CONFUSED.... THX
  7. No, it wont freak your plants out.  If it helps your nerves you can move down in increments and reduce the light on schedule to eventually hit 18/6.  This is one of those questions that everyone has their own opinion.  However, I feel like there is a point of diminishing returns after 18 hours of lights on.  Having the lights off for 6 hours also has some other benefits: lower electricity usage and diminished overall heat production.  Once my clones are into their veg cycle I always run 18/6 til flower then drop to 12/12.  Works like a charm.  Hope that helps.
  8. Just click the company name on amazon and type CFL in the "Search for other products from this seller:" box provided, it has a number of smaller cfls dual, red and blue lights and the socket to use it with too.
  9. Dude, this light is awesome... I would love to put it in this... I'm going to get the one with the reflector on it for $54 looks sick!


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