Is this Light Burn?

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  1. [​IMG] - 2 week old Polar Express -

    I recently changed my lights.

    Was using:

    2 90W LED UFO's.
    2 6500k 20W CFL's on each of my plants ( 4 plants )

    Now using:
    3 90W LED UFO's.
    2 6500k 42W CFL's on each of my plants ( 4 plants - 3 on large one ).

    I changed out the bulbs, and had not had a problem before. Check 3 - 4 days after installing lights, and they seem to have been burnt. I just want to make sure that it isn't anything other then a little light burn.

    3 out of my 4 plants got it, only the tip's, nothing else and only the tip's that were closest to the lights.

    As you can see on the above picture, the tip is slightly yellow color with a brittle feel to it, will it ever recover?

    Much appreciation.

  2. I don't think so. Light burn is usually at the top by the lights unless of course it is side lit. Also with cfl and led they would almost have to be touching the leaves to get light burned. I think it looks and will do fine.

  3. It is indeed Side lit with 42W CFL's, only noticed it after I changed them out from the 22W's.

    I didn't want to keep the lights in the same location and keep burning there tip's, so I backed them off a tad bit, not to far but just enough to where it shouldn't burn them.

    Or should I not be concerned with it, and keep them where they were?
  4. Those cfl's can be 2-3 inches away from leaves as about the same maybe 1-2 inches away with LED's. Also a cool fan blowing the plants helps get them cool and get the lights even closer but 2-3 inches for cfl's. I wouldn't be overly concerned it looks fine.

  5. You think so? I was a little concerned to see the mother plant having about 6 - 7 of her leaves being burnt at the tip's, nothing other then the tips, but I didn't want to stress her as she was a bag-seed and I wouldn't want her to hermy on me.

  6. Man burnt at the tips is gonna be slight nutrient burn i.e. too much.

  7. Will cut back on the nutes then and see how she takes it.

    Should I snip the burnt parts off?
  8. Either way. Some say no some say yes. Probably doesn't mastter.

  9. Alright, so I should cut back on the feed for a little bit?

    The new growth on the plants are showing very green, with no signs of Browning at the tips.

    I just don't want it to be a situation that continues to spread. Should I do a flush on the babies or would you suggest just leaving it how it is and letting new growth grow on top of the already brown leaves?

    Only the tips seem to be effected, nothing else on the actual leaf.

    Thanks man!
  10. Do you have a recent pic?
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    [​IMG] - Mother Plant - As you can see, some of the tip's are a little burnt, but it has not effected all of the leaves, just a few. I am a little worried about it spreading.

    [​IMG] - Auto Polar Express - 3 weeks Old. As you can see, just a tip or two is burnt.

    [​IMG] - Auto Road Runner - 3 weeks Old. This one is the worst out of the 4, I can't tell if it is spreading, to my knowledge it has not... But I am keeping a eye on it.

    [​IMG] - Auto Pineapple Express - 3 Weeks Old. Little to no burn on this, so not to worried.

    What do you think? Flush them or allow them more time to see if it spread's?

    I am in FFOS, and only fed once with FFOS Trio Nute package, using a little less then required nutes then the chart suggested.
  12. No no in FFOF Soil they have enough food for 3-4 weeks and that's with NORMAL growth bringing them to almost a foot tall. CFL Led's even longer. To small to feed. Just leave it. Don't over care for your plants. Over caring of plants kills millions of plants every year.

  13. So no flush? The PH seemed good last time I checked it.

    I don't really over "care" for my plants, I just was caught off guard by the Nute burn after a small feeding. Had to classify to see if it was Light Burn or Nute burn, but now that I know it's Nute related, I will stop the feedings till I feel they are big enough to take it.

    Much appreciation for the help so far.
  14. I wouldn't flush it just yet. Wait a while to see if the damage stops forming.

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