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Is This Legal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by toke_4_A_livin, May 30, 2013.

  1. #1 toke_4_A_livin, May 30, 2013
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    ok so me and my friends were smoking a joint in a forest by my school and a cop came up he saw us so he tried to sneak up on us but we saw him but didn't get a good look and we all ran and he chased us but he was slow so we ran back to school and he didn't catch us or see us go in but my friend dropped his backpack when we were running and the cop searched the bag and called him in and found two joints and he called me in and now I have to got to drug diversion and im suspended supposvly for running from the cop when the weed wasn't even mine

  2. They found your friends bag and his name and his joints. You weren't there with your friend, what is he talking about? You don't smoke weed, what are they talking about? Deny everything. No, honestly that doesn't sound legal, but I'm not positive. Cops can do fucked up shit sometimes. 
  3. deny. deny. deny. 
    also, never run from the cops. 
  4. I plead the 5th.
  5. Well since the bag was not in his possession I am sure there could be some legal right for cops to search bags that are not attended by anyone (incase of suspicious items inside that could cause harm).
    The thing is when it comes to high school/school zones, laws get a little muddy. For example, in school you can be legally searched at anytime for less than probable cause. 
    But like the other blades said, deny deny deny deny deny deny deny. Only thing you can really do
  6. Sounds like you don't have very good friends and got ratted out. Since you didn't get seen or caught, from what you say, then the only way the cops would know your involvement were if your friend who stupidly left his backpack told them you were with him. It's illegal on your end, but it really doesn't sound like the cops have done anything illegal. That's what happens when you don't make sure your friends are good people who care about you and won't be a snitch. I don't know about where you're at, but weed is decriminalized here, so running from the cops over a couple joints is asinine since it would make you a criminal by itself when you'd otherwise just get a ticket.
  7. I did he pulled the whole bullshit that my eyes were red and proceeded anyways
  8. Red eyes? You have a sinus problem, cold, allergies, etc. 
  9. Don't admit to anything!
  10. I smell underage. You deserve it for ditching class to smoke weed. Get your priorities straight.
  11. He wouldn't even have to say that if your friend confirmed that you were there and said you smoked with them. He's got an eyewitness... I really doubt you're going to get out of this one with "allergies." 
  12. I  smell someone who doesn't know what there talking about it was at lunch and I have my priorities straight thankyou very much
  13. I don't know if my friend ratted me out tho
    15 year old's take on priorities: Ditch cheap ass lunch at school and going back, to class to break rules, possibly get arrested, and get boned at school.

    And you have your priorities straight eh?
    So naive.... your friend ratted you out. They threatened him, and he gave in. You said they didn't even see you, how else would they know you were there? Your "friend" just doesn't want you pissed.
  16. yes I do and I didn't make this post to get hate about how im a fifteen year old druggie that needs to get his life straight
    Didn't say you were a druggie, just that you made an obvious dumbass move, and need to accept the consequences and learn from it.
  18. If your gonna smoke at school then do it by yourself and always be careful. If you do smoke with a friend make sure you can trust them first. Never run from cops, that in itself is a crime.
    Also, if your old enough to be in high school (which it sounds like you are) then you are likely not 18. You will prob get banned if you keep posting high school stuff; mods are strict about age here.
  19. there were others too that were there that the cops could've caught I trust the kid ive gone to school with since preschool
  20. Are you 15? :smoke:

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