Is this kid even worth fighting?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dylan Tokes, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. So yesterday this kid billy was running his mouth about me. I am honestly the most calm person in the world. But he would not stop, and then when he said i was a pussy and he wanted to fight me i went crazy. I called him up cursing him out telling him i wanted to fight right now and where to meet him. He told me to come to his fucking house so i can get my ass kicked.

    So me and my friends drive to his house, and i see him and a friend of his just drive away, and then we waited a bit and he came back and i was bugging out, but refused to get out of the car and he drove away. Ive never flipped out that way in my life.

    Now im getting threats from him saying hes been in a mental institution 3 times and said he will stab me to death once he turns 18 (Im 19, hes 17). I know he wont do it, but is this a kid even worth fighting? Im just trying to stick up for myself because i want to show people that im not a person to fuck with.
  2. ur fighting a minor...ur gonna go to jail
  3. just drop it and you'll forget all about it after high school
  4. Why does he want to wait a year to stab you? So that way there's no question about him being an adult according to the law and he does more time? Kid sounds whack. Go smoke a bowl, chill out a lil', and realize he's not worth your time.
  5. ^ disregard silly post(s)

    Kick his ass! Teach him who the pussy is
  6. honestly, everyone hates this kid and he runs his mouth all the time. Normally id let this go, but ive honestly been fucked with so badly lately by people that i want to prove myself that if you fuck with me, i will stand up for myself. Ive pretty much been a pushover for a while
  7. If you think its worth it Kick his ass
  8. Think about it are u willing to risk you freedom over this punk if so fight him
  9. Definitely do not fight a minor
  10. OP I would go for it. People need to learn not to talk shit about others.
  11. Talk shit get hit
  12. Oh man I've seen this so many times...

    The dude's a pussy - using stories of being in mental institutions to reinforce fear. Pathetic. You know how many douchebags I've seen pulling shit like that?

    I say kick this dudes ass on the strength of that alone. People who like to talk shit but can't back it up need their asses kicked.

    Ohh I remember when I had my first beer.
  13. people act like youre going to get arrested if you fight him HA. Fight him at someones house or something.

    Also only do this if you are positive you can beat his ass, cuz if you cant, youll just get more shit from people.
  14. I would do it. Honestly, being a pushover sucks. Plus, the feeling of beating someones ass that has done you wrong is amazing.

    BUT, if you did get caught you would be in a ton of trouble. Court sucks, and in some districts the court can be real strict. Plus, your not automatically gonna gain respect. Some people will still treat you the same way. You just need to stand up for yourself while being smart and using careful words. If you gotta run or some shit, do it.
  15. LOL. are you gonna shoot him?
  16. Wait till he's 18 and fuck him up
  17. Don't lay hands on a minor man. No matter what you say, if the police get involved (which they would if you fought at HIS house) you're going to get fucked and he will not.

    You're 19, you should be on your way to being a man by now. A man wouldn't have any trouble beating up a 17 year old boy, but then again, if you were really a man, the thought wouldn't cross your mind.
  18. Don't fight people man. Who cares just let it go.
    Your a better person for not hurting no one
  19. So you needed your friends to back you up to fight some punk?

    Grow up and move on.
  20. Make him swing first then have some fun.. nothing wrong with defending yourself no matter the age

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