Is this just some ridiculous lighter?

Discussion in 'General' started by ZionBound, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Has anyone out there ever seen one of these? If so can they give me some info - ie do you literally just need this and herb to vaporize? Or can you use this in conjunction with bongs and other glass pieces etc? If it is basically just a lighter why the f is it $140!!!!! Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
  2. That just makes it sound like a bullshit product to me.
  3. haha agreeeeeed
  4. well... it kinda makes sense, but i dunno how well it would work.
  5. how the fuck would that work
  6. the metal bar or w/e heats up to a special degree to "vaporize" the "herb"... so basically you could get only certain chemicals out the bud.

    It is JUST like hot roding I guess, except the vaporizers version.
  7. a phedor is a "magic wand" like gadget. It is a ceramic heating rod with an adjustable temperature similar to a vaporizers temp. adjustment. You poke it into your bowl and it will vaporize or ignite your buds cleanly with no butane flavor or toxic byproducts.
  8. i like a good butane lighter and every once in a while a zippo
  9. Magic Wands are the way to go and give you a brilliant smoke. I've never used the Phedor but have only heard highly of it, I've used glass alternatives however and don't even think about lighters when they are an option. There have been posts on other forums of ceramic heating elements that do the same thing as the phedor (made by the creators of the vapezilla) that will run you $20-$30.
  10. I think I'm gonna throw up. PLease don't tell me you smoke weed with a Zippo.
  11. bics ftw

    green mini :)
  12. But huffing the gas along with the weed smoke gets you even higher!! :metal: LOL
  13. You can make one for about $10, just purchase a soldering iron and dismantle it.

    It has the ceramic heating element inside, just get it close to the pot and inhale.

  14. There fine... you just hafto know what you are doing. You only light the begining of the hit, or they are fine outside or with a bong... also, if you are a dumbass an shove the whole 2 inch flame in the bowl, theres gunna be some taste... the VERY tip works fine. Or joints are obvisly fine with em.
  15. How easy is it to control the temp? What setting should the soldering iron be on?
  16. some people wonder how that works huh. well if you cash out 140 dollars on that piece of shit lighter, god of stupidity will grant ur lighter the power to do all those things mentioned by the website. and then ull be left without 140 dollars to spend on weed to buy the shit u wanna smoke it with

  17. If I have the money to 'waste' on a lighter then, me > you.

    I'll probably buy one when I get my grow up next year. I use a 'magic wand' so anything that makes my regular bong hits better and removes the torch I'm straight with. Expensive or not. As I said, and cheeba, there's a cheaper alternative.
  18. What is a magic wand? I assume we are not talking wizards and goblins here...
  19. All you need is a soldering iron with a ceramic heating element.

    Here's a picture of my using my Hakko "Dash" model to light my Toro. It cost me 29.99

  20. Pyrex wand you heat up with a torch you use to light your bud.

    Nice heady piece, I love the ashcatcher ^^

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