Is this just old seeds, or some other seedling issue?

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  1. Wondering if anyone can give some insight into one of my particular gelatos that looks really funky, broke ground over the weekend.

    Hard to see in the pic, but the cotyledons are brown with white spots, looks unhealthy as hell. I have no idea how old these seeds are, but about half of these seeds I started never opened and about 10% were cracked and crushable upon opening the pack.

    I feel like I was sold some super old or otherwise improperly stored seeds, but besides that, any ideas on this ugly little girl? Fearing mold I already removed her from the rest and shes chilling by herself.

    Here she is compared to another photo strain (cheap 2 for 1 ILGM seed on the left cube) both germed on the same day in the same conditions. I'm no pro, but I've got a few years of growing under my belt and have never had such a low germ rate than with this batch of seeds.

    Is it something the seedling will just grow out of as she gets bigger, or something else I should be concerned about? This is not an isolated event, over 8 seeds from that pack have either failed to open, or come out super slow and sickly looking like the photos.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  2. I'll give everything that early a fair chance to show me their worth. Soon enough at 3 inches or less I'll have decided if it's worth the space it takes or not. I've had plenty of slow starters get up and go.
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  3. ILGM is probably your problem. A few more reputable banks I can think of are jbc seeds, dc seed exchange, and great lakes genetics.
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  4. A little bit of hydrogen peroxide helps the seed express early genes; its believe the excess oxygen. I have posted a thread on this. I think looking over the rates is impressive enough, but I didn't include this figure

    The study only discussed the rates and never the reason. Nevertheless, it may help you move forward.

    On a side note, I recommend that you snip the tap roots for better root ball formation. This doesn't harm your plants.
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  5. Here the problem, The ILGM seeds are the good one in the photo, I specifically used the cheapest seed I had on hand to compare these expensive ass Gelato-33 seeds to (as the breeder has assured me that they store the seeds properly, while dodging every question I ask about the breeding date for this lot of seeds.

    So I'm basically showing the breeder who says (they're fine) with side by side comparisons of the cheapest seeds I have as controls, following the breeders own germing instructions (even though they are basically identical to mine).

    The best advice they game me so far was "don't use a heating pad or dome" and I'm sitting here like
    upload_2023-1-23_9-34-36.png but no conditions are going to help dead seed germ.

    I has similar problems with the other batch of seeds I ordered from this same breeder in sept 2021, I got 3 plants to germ out of 12 seeds (but I chalked that up to me being a dumbass and fairly new to growing, now I think perhaps not)

    Heres 2 from that lot that have been sitting in paper towels in the germ station since december 27, 0 sign of cracking or tails. (same conditions that germed quite a bit of seeds from multiple strains and breeders this run)
    So I'm sitting here thinking maybe they sold me some batch of seeds they have sitting around for who knows how long, and if thats the case fine, I just want to rule out that I'm fucking anything up (I get about 90-95% germ rate on the few dozen other seeds I've grown since that initial sept 2021 order.

    I'm also getting very concerned that 3 times they have ducked the question as to the age of the seeds, and now twice ducked the question of if the seeds I ordered last month came from the same batch or lot as the shitty september 2021 batch that went 3 for 12 (only reason I ordered from this place again was the customer service was great, they refunded my 6 seeds from 2021 and sent me 6 new ones for free, so I figured I'd try them again a year and a half later.)

    So getting little help from the breeder, I've decided to see if anyone else can shed some light on this, as I'm fairly certain its shitty seeds, but I don't want to start lobbing direct accusations at the breeder without some additional opinions.

    Also its ruining my spring grow cycle with all these slow to germ plants that will now need to be screened in a separate tent as everything else I germed initially is a month into veg and topped.

    If the mature plants weren't some of the best flower myself and a significant number or others have smoked I'd have moved on,
    but at this point its basically a mission to confirm either what I fucked up, or that they sold me bunk seeds so I can find a new breeder.
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  6. Bad seeds is my vote. I never get rid of seedlings unless they are dead, cause even shitty looking seedlings have proven they were worth it in the end.
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  7. if you have your doubts = restart but I'd allow this to 'green up' before discarding
    and monitor close like

    good luck
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  8. Yeah I moved her to her own tent for the next week or so to see if she makes it and greens up, just more concerned that someone sold me ancient or otherwise not decent seeds, as I can't think of any other reason I'm getting 30% germ rate on this strain and breeder (and had similar shitty rate last time I bought from them in 2021) when literally every other strain and breeder I've used in the last year or 2 has been 90%+ germ rate.

    Just seeing how brown and shitty the shell looks in the picture, compared to the nice waxy greenish with black stripes I'm used to, just seems like the seeds were either way older than advertised or improperly stored to be so dusty and brown.

    Thanks all for the input so far, I don't really care about the money I may lose on these 12 seeds, but if at least I can rule out me fucking up as the problem, I can begin the search for a new Gelato breeder, which sucks because I'm lazy as hell.
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  9. Sherbinski was the original breeder of gelato. Might be worth looking into.
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