Is this just me?

Discussion in 'General' started by Backwoodblunt, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Coming on this forum i believed it was strictly a Marijuana forum, reading some more post i see people talking about there doings of hardcore drug like Heroin & Coke... Whats up with that?
  2. Thats why it belongs in the pandoras box section

    which says on the cover

    if you cant handle it...dont come in .

    lots of different people on here with different preferences....dont have to be just a weed smoker
  3. Heroin and coke are fun, that's probably why. :confused_2:
  4. That's only in Pandora's Box.
  5. Why can't you be open minded enough to just accept the fact that some people do that and talk about it?

    By no means are people forcing you to read about it or do it. :)
  6. yes, even marijuana smokers use 'hard' drugs. :eek:

    but yeah, dude... just one section.
  7. I think i came off a little radical in the last post, I'm very open minded and i think people should do whatever they would like too, i was just under the impression that it was strictly "grass" and the posts Ive seen talking bout hardcore drugs, were found in searched i didn't go to the Pandora box section.
  8. Welcome to the world of diversity kid.

  9. ..and they make you look like the guy in your avater...

    haha, jk.

    But to OP, yea..Think of this like a community (it is an online one..) not everyone in the community is going to do the same things always. Thats what pandoras box is. A place for the "other stuff"

    If you don't like it, just don't go in there.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  10. I personally feel that using drugs like coke and heroin, no matter how fun they might be..., would undermine my usage of marijuana. Weed is natural, non-addictive in copious amounts, and can generally help my well being. I feel like if I used hard drugs, then my love of weed would be less special. And people wouldn't notice that I smoked weed, they'd see/know I used hard drugs. I wouldnt be able to justify a lot of the reasons why I smoke weed as well.

    No one really asked about this...but I just started typiing so whatevss.

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