Is this infected? !WARNING SICK PIC!

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Mr.Pink7, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Well its all yellowy and sick and oozy. ha idk just wanted to get a second opinion. :(

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  2. It is fine. That is just puss that hasn't had the chance to harden/clot??

    Because you have a bandaid on it, the cut doesn't have air flow over it. If you take the bandaid off it will harden up faster, and look like a normal scab.

    EDIT: How did ya do that?
  3. im not a doctor, but get some bactine. The stuff numbs the cut or injury. It will make a quic dissolving foam on the cut and allow you to wash it well, it also has disinfectants and cleansing aids in it. go to a local pharmacy to get a can.
  4. yea i take the band aid off and just wipe away the nasty gooyness ill try just leaving it off thanks! and oh it happened after some prick jacked me and I may or may not have gone and broke out all of their windows.:devious:
  5. That's pretty funny. Glad you got revenge, but don't wipe the "goo" off. That is helping it heal. It is ok that you did that, but i bet it stung a bit. That is also the layer preventing other bacteria from getting in there. That is why letting it air out is a good idea.
  6. good work mr. head you beat me to it!

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