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Is this "indicator" true?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by That 281 Green, May 11, 2010.

  1. I forgot where i heard it from (absolute stoner lol) but I remeber being told that the danker your bud is the more white ash will be produced. Whenever I do full kief bowls with a little bud for it to sit on, its PURE white ash, and whenever I smoke dank very noticable white streeks, and regs, black :/. Well is this looking to be true or just bullshit.
  2. ash is ash you smoked all the weed and trichome

    i get different amounts of ash and i only smoke my homegrown it kinda depends on how you grind it and how long and hard you smoke it

    but i could be wrong of course
  3. I don't think that's true....but I could be wrong. I'm thinking that no matter what kind of bud it is, it will turn white if you hit it enough.
  4. White ash is just a sign that it was properly flushed and cured.
  5. This. Also a nice grey ash indicates that the bud was grown organically. :)
  6. true dat oldskool
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    This... also that it burned all the way through. Even properly cured and flushed weed will appear blackish if you didn't combust all the material... like in a poorly rolled joint.

    No it doesn't. Properly flushed hydro buds grown with non-organic chemicals would also appear grey/white as ash. Doesn't matter what was put into the plant during growth... just what is still there when you smoke it. If it's flushed, none of those non-organic nutes should still be floating around.

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