Is this hydroponics method sufficient?

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    i really dig this layout.. cuz i can def see myself tweaking the system here and there to suit my situation better.. and rockwool appeals to be for some reason..
  2. HIGH All, most Hydro setups work great...some need more attention and work than others.

    Been playing with Hydro for 20+yrs and for me Bubble Buckects (the non-commercial grower) it works great...six plants does us till next harvest.

    This is the man that got me started highgrade.

  3. ANything Unoit says, you had better listen to.

  4. Thanks for that link,

  5. thanx for the info.. i think imma try this method out myself.

    i was wondering though...

    do u leave the airpump on 24/7?
  6. green wire with the round metal-looking ball??

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  7. "For topping off the buckets I use the same solution as in the bucket at the same 33% solution strength. In the transition period from veg to flower I used a mix of 2-2-2 and in latter flower stages I have tried an aggressive formula of 0-2-4, both again at 33%."

    i was reading over the setup for the bubbler bucket.. and came across this.. im kinda confused on the "For topping off the buckets I use the same solution as in the bucket at the same 33% solution strength."

    topping off the buckets?

    fill me in


  8. Yes leave the air pump on 24/7

    The plant goes through quite a bit of water in a bubble bucket. You have to refill the water in the bucket every couple of days. This is called "topping the tank off."

    And far as that recipe goes. Find you a nute recipe at overgrow and stick to it. Go out and buy some distilled water from say Wal Mart and fill your big bucket with the water. Save your empty jugs and refill them with water. When you mix your nutes in you big bucket, you can go ahead and put some nutes in each 1 gallon jug of water. Then when you need to top of the bucket, you already have some pre-mixed nutes and water.
  9. thanx!!

  10. Is there a single nute product that gives good results or do i have to buy separate stuff and mix it? I'm gonna try to build a bucket next month.

    I have 9 feet of vertical indoor space to work with, can a bucket like that support a monster tree providing i can give it enough light.

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