Is this how buds are supposed to look?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WhatThePho?, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey! So it's day 19 of flowering and I think the buds look funny...
    It's a first attempt with G13 Fem. White Widow in Soil.
    Is it still growng something worthwhile or is it a male or a hermie or something?
    Maybe this is how buds look in the early stages of flowering?
    idk, take a look and help me out! thanks!

  2. what thee hell i have never seen anything like that my only guess is that it is a male because those look like seed sacks sort of but since you said the seeds were feminized? i have no idea
  3. Bro, that is a male, id say chop it...but the some of those sacs have already opened.

    your crops gonna be seeded...sorry.
  4. umm, well, that seed was not femenized.....
  5. DOnt know much guy but that looks like a big waste of time (a male plant) kill it !! unless that strain grows different but from what i have read here its got balls and seems to be pollenating just imo.
  6. FUCK. I knew it. What are the chances of a feminized seed sprouting up male... wtf..
  7. yeah i had a feeling that was a male instead of some wierd strain
  8. It could be a hermie. I had my NL X WW cross show balls in the first week of 12/12, snipped and sprayed on some dutchmaster reverse and she ended up being my highest producer. I'd also ask where did you get your g13 seed from, that is a pretty reliable breeder. I'd be very surprised if you ordered it legit from a bank and it turning 100% male like that. Either that or it wasn't a fem to start with.

    Pic isnt loading for me, but are there any signs of pistils on the plant at all?
  9. yeah the pic went away. wonder why .. size maybe ...

    but it was a male, it was only producing staminates...I saw no pistils at all ( course I didn't go over the whole pic , cause it was obvioulsy a male)

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