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  1. hello,
    So my friend is growing for the first time in his cupboard, says they are Blueberry cannabis seeds. Using CFL bulb at 6500k, potted in approx 3 gallon pot with Canna Terra pro soil. The seed was placed in tissue to germinate 19 days ago and she's now a seedling.
    Problem is there seems to be discolourations on the leafs, plus wrinkles or something... some of the edges of the leafs are not very uniform either. Could he have over watered it as it's in such a large pot? If so how can he save it? Or is this something else

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  2. Doesn't look too bad, but not healthy. Looks like it might just be starting to yellow between the veins of the leaves too, which could be PH out of range or a magnesium deficiency but can't really see it too clearly. Possibly over watered/roots not getting oxygen or need more drainage from the looks of the slight curling/drooping of the leaves and the serrated edges looking a bit erratic.
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  3. Yeah, possibly over watered as it was placed straight into a large pot and friend hadn't realised the soil below the surface was damp etc
    Also could be PH levels, I have advised him to order a PH monitor and to wait a while before watering. Will update in a couple of days and let you know what the Ph is when the monitor arrives, thanks for the advice so far!

  4. definitely water logged...and the ph probably got too low causing mag lockout...the light is not ideal ..even is it is a grow fluorescent having it vertical like that isn't utilizing all.of should be horizontal with a reflector ...either way the light isn't enough to flower look to upgrade that... let's us know the run off ph and ec the medium and the temps all factor in why it's like that...I would give it a score of 60 right now from 01 to 100 also add some ventilation as cupboards can get too hot if closed up...with no ventilation..

    good luck and good grows keep us posted

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  5. Hi there friends,

    SO, my mate has a PH reader and heat/humidity reader on their way so he can check all of that etc! Probs should have been more prepared....
    I do think he over watered to start with, how can he fix if the soil is compacted or not enough oxygen is reaching the roots?
    Here are some update pics, any thoughts? Cheers, thanks very much for your help!

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  6. IMO: always lift the pot think then water or not!

    maybe pot up to another pot this time add 30% perlite to that soil

    to let some air in and avoid compaction later

    right now IMO add another light at 2700k or warm white

    for some vertical gain

    good luck
  7. you need to tell us what's in the soil ..and what's the runoff ph
    (when the ph meter gets there) the we can go from there.

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