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Is this haze?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by iMarihuana, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, just got a new pickup. Dealer said it was haze but didnt tell me the strand :/ so did i get ripped off or you think its haze

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  2. You can't tell strains from pictures dude. However haze has a VERY distinct smell, what does it smell like?
  3. Not sure if it helps, but it has a really earth kind of smell. Not like BO or anything that really gets your attention.
  4. Earthy? That would definetly not be a form of haze. Haze is kinda hard to describe but it's kinda spicy smelling... shit other people could probably find a better adjective than me haha :p
  5. 1. Cant tell a strain by the picture
    2. Any name you get is bullshit 99% of the time
    3. And cant tell if you got ripped off if we don't know how much you payed or were supposed to get
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  6. i payed him 20 for a gram. I was just really wondering if it is better or worse than haze
  7. Strain doesn't matter my friend, it only matters for the type of high (indica, sativa) if it's good and gets you high then all is well, and strains should not matter to you :)

  8. $20 a gram is pretty standard for dank, did you see it weighed out or weigh it out yourself? And names don't really mean anything unless your at a dispensary or know someone who grew it.

    everytime my guy gets a new product he comesup with a name by looking at and smelling it. shits legit.

    back in march he sold me this dank that smelled like deadskunk on burnt rubber and called it olddirtybastard.
  10. Well, if it's a sativa it usually leans more on the fluffy side than dense in terms of bud thickness.
  11. you'll know if it's haze the second you light it up, and it's a taste you'll NEVER to me it kinda looks like low-grade haze, maybe premature or something...but you won't tell from pictures, only by smell/taste.

  12. Nah it doesn't look premature, it looks compacted. It also doesn't look like the best trim. You can see the trichs glistening, but the pics aren't the best.
  13. yea i dont pay attention to names, and i cant tell if its haze from a picture but it deffinitly looks like some dank like the guy above me said deffinitly not the best trim job though pretty leafy looking but still looks dank none the less. but i wouldnt pay too much attention to the names dealers say it is most of the time its not what they say they just say its haze or kush alot cuz alot of people hear them names and aoutomatically wanna buy it. but anyways sorry about the long post im pretty baked right now haha. enjoy your bud looks like some good smoke :)
  14. Skunk piss with fermented fruit..... That's that's what it smells like to me
  15. LMFAO EPIC!!!!

    Sauce 4 Birdheads
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  16. #16 AugustWest, Mar 25, 2013
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    could be..

    but chances are it isn't haze.

    Haze is a long flowering (sometimes 14-16 weeks+++) and low yielding sativa. Most commercial growers stay away from haze because they can't make money off of it.

    so chances are when your street dealer says he has haze, he's full of shit.
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  17. Yeah not really possible to tell from a photo.
  19. Super Silver Haze smells like silver does to me haha great identifier.

  20. always?

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