Is this grow setup ok?

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  1. Hey, :)
    this is my first time growing. I've been trading a lot about it but nothing beats direct advice from people with experience. Do you think my grow setup is alright for growing? Cardboard box lined with foil. 3 holes in the side with a fan ventilating through. Miracle grow moisture control soil. Self watering pot. A 24w led strip and a 13w fluorescent worklight. On 24/7. Plant is 1 week old.
    I'd appreciate any advice! Especially on how to make sure I only grow females. How can I be sure the seed is female?
    Thank you. :)
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  3. Well... if you'd been reading a lot you'd know the following:

    - Not to use cardboard, it burns easily.

    - Not to use foil, it reflects light poorly, creates hotspots, and reflects heat

    - It has to be light proof

    - You will need odor control

    - Miracle grow soil on seedlings is probably just going to kill it. It's too hot of a soil.
  4. I had been reading alot There's so much though! Some people I've read about used miracle gro the whole time with great results so I think I'll stick to that for now. But I'm thinking of getting a metal shelf rack. And how is thermal reflectors (I.e. stuff on thermal blankets )? I can't seem to find a straight answer about how many Watts to use for 1 plant. Luckily I don't have to worry about smell. I live in Alaska. You can legally have up to 25 plants.

  5. Your grow will only be as strong as your weakest link and honestly, it's the soil.

    IMO, soil is the most important part of your grow. You can maximize whatever lighting you're using, whether it's 1kw or 100w, HPS or CFL, it can be maxed out, but ONLY if your soil is built properly. A shitty soil will decimate your efforts no matter what kind of lighting you have. Since your lighting is low-end to begin with wouldn't you want to max it out?

    I expect that anybody who has "great" results with MG soil has amended it for drainage and ph, at the very least and probably used more than a few bulbs. If I had to use their soil, I'd go with the organic choice potting soil and fix it up with perlite, lime, wormcastings, and an organic fertilizer such as tomato tone.
  6. Thanks I started a blog on my grow you guys were absolutely right. Woke up today to a bent over seedling. I'm getting seedling soil today.
  7. Blog lol. I meant journal.
  8. Good choice. I'd move the bulb closer, too far away and they stretch and fall over.
  9. The bulb distance didn't catch my eye last time, but yes, definitely move that closer. 6" away should suffice.

    Whatever soil you choose, get a bag of perlite and mix that in there. 25-50% perlite would do you great, I wouldn't go any more than 50% though because then your soil will be drying out pretty quickly.

    A seed starting mix has no nutrients in it, but is pretty expensive as far as soils come. Can you find bags of just plain peat moss? That shit is cheap, mix it with some perlite to promote fast drainage, and some lime to buffer the pH and you've got a pretty good base soil mixture right there. Then decide how you want to feed them later on.

    Or as suggested above, miracle grow organic mixed with some perlite. If you go with this option, you'll probably want to look into make teas to supplement the plants with as deficiencies occur down the road.
  10. Are you talking about chamomile tea? I hear It's good for seedlings to prevent damping. I have some too so I want to try it.
  11. invest in a tent . $60 no name brand for your size. ebay/amazon.
  12. That light will not suffice for a plant. If your only growing one plant, you can use a ton of CFL's.
    Instead of cardboard, use a tent or make a box out of something non flammable.
    Instead of foil, use reflective mylar.
    Instead of soil, invest 500 in a hydroponics system or DIY it.
  13. Soil was way better for new growers. It's more forgiving.
  14. You can't tell if a plant is male or female until you flower it. You can take a clone and flower it, or you can just flower the whole plant. In your situation with only one plant and your setup, i would grow it out and flower it and if it's male you can throw it away or flower it and get some smoke from it. Growing it out will also help you learn what to do with future plants.

  16. Ya I did switch my soil. I don't feel comfortable mixing it myself, feel like I'll do it wrong! So I bought a seedling mixture It's 80% perilite which does make me need to water it more often but the dryness will help the roots grow more right? Also, I have a growing journal now if you want to check out my most recent set up. Thanks to everyone for all your help!

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