is this grow light set any good

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  1. hi according to the description this light set is for a grow tent i dont have a grow tent but i do have a grow room

    i already have a HPS 400w but am using a crap reflector and ballast combi my current set up doesnt really reflect the light on to my plants yeah its growing the plants but as i say the reflection is not that good

    i cant really move the reflector coz its massive and its abit of a squeeze in my wardrobe i just wanna know if this light kit ive found is any good it seems cheap so not sure if everything i need is in the package apparently the bulb is for veg and flowering so it kind of sounds better than the light i have since mine only for flowering

    will i be wasting money or would you say go for it???

    bare in mind i dont have a grow tent

    [ame=]Quality Grow Tent Light Kits Set Includes 400W Ballast Sodium Lamp Reflector: Garden & Outdoors[/ame]
  2. It looks good, the reflector looks cheap though. It's an hps so it exactly the same as your hps just with most likely different reflector ballast and bulb...

    Here's a good light basically the same as the one from amazon only you can choose different bulbs and reflectors... if you got this light with a Euro REflector you would be set.... not to sure where your from so idk if they will deliever it to you
    HTG Supply - HTGSupply 400 watt High Pressure Sodium Grow Light
  3. i like this site mix and matching stuff love it am from the uk m8
  4. Pretty sure Amazon has some better vented hoods that come with everything including hangers and timer for about that same price. And if I remember you can choose what style plug you want when you order it. U.S. or EU.
  5. ohh yes m8 i know that its just am trying to be as cheap as i can since i wont be making any money back from growing it all i want is some smokerble bud

    and a ballast on its own is way toooo expensive £71 for a box with a wire attached to it i think thats a very unfair price considering the other things id need

    people are telling me little CFL bulbs work but am not really convinced i'll get much bud from using them i have just been giving what looks like a CFL bulb its 50w 2700k warmwhite 500 lumens i plugged it in and it just seems like a normal bulb to me glad i got it giving with CFL and florescent i havent a clue which type to get

    i mean its ok saying ''use florescent'' but what does that mean? do i go down to my kitchen take the florescent tubes and fitting down then put that in my grow room???? what exactly do they mean about florescent tubes

    i just dont wanna waste money when am not making money
  6. Don't do cfl's You won't get as big or dense of buds. That light will work just fine. Just remember it will get fairly hot so keep a fan blowing over it. Search t5 grow light on amazon and you will see good florescent lights. You can use any florescent but it has to be I think cool white for veg and prob. one of those plant bulbs for flower. don't quote me on that though I don't use them. Def. MH and HPS are the way to go
  7. i have HPS now but the reflector is crap i made this tread to see if that light kit was any good to me somebody said the the reflector didnt look good believe me that reflector is 10x better than the 1 i have now

    that package seems to have the bulb + reflector + ballast all for £69.99 still a steep price but its the cheapest i can find .... i'll look on amazon for T5 cheers m8
  8. yes amazon sells T5 tubes but what watt do i need
  9. The highest you can find? If you want thicker buds you need more watts/lumens.
  10. its ok ive just emailed this website Hydroponics UK - Lights, Systems, Supplies & Kits at Green's Horticulture to help me get set up dont worry i was very careful with what i said i never mentioned weed or nothing just that i need T5 + the fittingscheers for telling me the name of them

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