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Is this grinder good?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FLIGHT6, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. ya its one of the better ones, from that pic atleast... sharpstones fall apart so dont get one of those... the holes on the one in the link though look like weed might get stuck in them but you can just tap it on something or keep turning it...
  2. Yeah man looks alright to me. + It has a keif catcher. I say go for it. A Diamond Grind just like that goes for $50 at my headshop.
  3. I've never heard of Sharpstones falling apart, where did you hear that? I just bought one a month or two ago and is seems fine so far. What piece on it even could fall apart? What should I watch out for?
  4. teeth on those sharpstone grinders break. I had 3 of them break on me the first week i had mine but RIP my girlfriends mom took it. and the grinder on the cap of it came unglued P.O.S.

    Idk about that grinder but Space Case is the most legit way to go they are fucking expensive though but the kief screan is 1micron so it filters out real kief the other screens you get other shit in there besides pure kief.
  5. invest in a space case, you wont regret it
  6. TrueBlends out of Canada makes a nice grinder as well, I bought it about 2 years ago instead of a space case and I have not had any probs with it and it was much cheaper. I also got a small stash tube thing with the grinder, I really like it.
  7. Friend of mine has this grinder, very heavy duty, and collects a ton of kief.

  8. Mine Fell apart after 2 1/2 solid years of grindin' the Dankest of Dank to the Mids and even the Schwag. The Teeth break off after a while but you don't gotta worry bout that to soon
  9. I just bought a 3" 4 piece crusher for $16 shipped off ebay.

    I think it was a really good deal.

    I've heard good things about these too so far. (some say they are way better than sharpstone!)

    Even comes with a velvet bag to keep it from getting scratched.

    I'll let you guys know how it is when it comes in.

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