Is this grass or weed

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by -, Jan 6, 2003.

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  1. I think a lawnmower won`t work, need a brushcutter here,
    maybe we must stop calling it grass, weed, pot, just call it our aromatic flavours
  2. holy shit what the fuck. my eyes are forever tarnished.
  3. *shudder*

    *runs off to church to repent*
  4. Hi, I am a muff diver myself, but I wiil have to change my sport , it is a fucking jungle out there.
  5. Damn that bitch is nasty as hell...
  6. What you need in this jungle of coir springs is a weedeater, not a lawnmower or brushuhcutter, or chainsaw, I will let you have here private e-mail adress, happy diving.
    The crabs here jump 10 foot high

  7. LOL!

    But surely that\'s a Big Brown Rat doing the muff dive!...
  8. Grandma!??!!?
    Er, I mean, it\'s not that bad, plus it could be doctored or just a carefully placed rodent of some kind. What I mean to say is; I\'ve seen worse than that as far as being gross.
    If anything there\'s nothing horrible about the rest of her body (not counting the pits). I can deal with hairy pits and and pretty hairy muff. I\'d have to think about that one though.
  10. To each thier own. Some people really get into furry woman. Hirsute lovers, here is one for you. Kind of cute, but I don\'t want to know what her patch looks like.
  11. *blinded*

    Thanks a lot guys..... now what am I supposed to do?? Get a dog to help me find my bong in the morning??!?!?!
  12. allthough it may you may want to share those excitable images from your porno stash. Come-on ... refrain.

  13. I\'ve already seen that pic in another thread, what\'s your reasoning for posting it again?
  14. probably just wanted it to be seen..

    id do em both

    JUST KIDDING... im a mohawk man
  15. just.



    you should have warned us that viewage would cause temporary blindness and insanity :p
  16. yeah seriously...holy crap, that stuff\'s scary
  17. Miss Pandora Coirspring

  18. Maybe she should be the official pandora\'s box mascot; it would make sense :D
  19. talk about a Pandora box!
  20. Miss Pandora Coirsprings, now what would you name her?
    Miss Pandora ................

    Better not say Overgrow, there is a canna site like that,
    have fun,

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