is this good?

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    i use one gallon of tab water (i let it sit in the sun for 24 hours before i use it)
    mix 2 or 3 drops of super thrive
    2 drops of humboltd roots
    and 2 tablespoons of alaska fish fertilizer

    also the plants is about a month old and about 12 inchs tall just started really putting fert in it about a week ago
  2. Sounds good...If the plant likes it it must be good.....;)Alaska Fish Fert is pretty safe to use without getting nute burn...
  3. ok cool is there anything else anyone would add to this mix?
  4. Try that for a couple weeks then revisit. Plants take time to adjust.
  5. does anybody else have an input on my mix?
    I would like as much feed back as possible
  6. Bat guano n silica I hear are good for making ur own brews also tarantula
  7. Get a good ph pen and keep runoff ph 6.4-6.8.
    After you add nutes to water let stand awhile before you check and adjust the ph....Water slowly from center out.....Don't over or, underwater...
    About it man.....;)

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