Is this good weed?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Idahopotato123, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Hi!
    I just got a new dealer and his weed seems pretty good but i wanna know How good this is compared to quality stuff from 1-10, all answers will be apreciated
  2. 1. You have no pictures. 2. Even if you HAD pictures, nobody can tell you quality without touch, taste, smell, etc.

    These types of questions are silly. Either you like what you've got, or you don't. Nothing else matters.
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  3. Is mayonnaise an instrument?
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  5. Sorry i thought i clicked the pictures, i just want to know What YOU would rate it :)
  6. I'd call it an SEB. Somebody Else's Bud. I don't care what you've got, to be perfectly honest.
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  7. I want to know if its good bud or bad in your opinion, any more answers will be apreciated
  8. Again, you've been told the answer. There is no way we can know for sure. That's like asking, "Does this pie taste good?" [​IMG]

    Dude, we don't know what's in it, we can't smell it, see it, hold it, or taste it. You're clearly a troll, so just go smoke your stuff and stop posting in this thread.
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  9. Im not trolling, there are still good indicators on How good the weed is compared to good/medical bud
  10. Then use those indicators and make your own freaking decision.
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  11. Mr potato head is not impressed with your post oh pee

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  12. I liked the pie comparison lol

    Tell ya what dude; it looks like decent smoke.
    Smell it. Smoke it. Taste it.
    Then just decide for yourself. Did it taste like pine? Or citrus? Did it smell really good or kinda funny? Just make your own decision. If you like it, then to you it's good. There is zero way for anyone on this site to give you a definitive answer.
  13. im unsure it smellt great and looked good but it gave me a weird high and it felt pretty weak :/
  14. Looms like cheap mids. Three a gram usually.
  15. Then it wasn't very good. :bang:
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  16. Is it sticky? Does it feel dense? Strong smell? Those are indicators of good bud, as well as having a lot of crystals. It looks like the last batch of flower that I bought and it smoked pretty nicely.
  17. What were you smoking out of as well?
  18. Mini bong, and it had a Nice smell a little different than regular weed but it wasent that good ☹️
  19. Looks good, i am amazed how everybody is acting like a fuckheads.
    There is a thread where you can share your nugs, and get some sort of review of them.
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