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Is this good weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheCR04, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,
    My mate hooked me up with this weed that you can see in the photo attached below. It cost me $60 aud.
    My friend was like the middle man so I didn't meet the dealer. He said it was hydro. And my friend says now it might be hydro and Bush mixed.
    Tbh I'm really not sure but it definitely smells like weed.
    I have a feeling it might be shitty quality.
    It came in this form I didn't grind it and I don't think its even grinded properly.
    Any input would be great thanks!


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  2. Paid 60 bucks for a bag of oregano and basil leaves. No, that is not good weed and that is not a good friend you have. Sorry, OP.

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  3. If you can't smell the weed, then it's not weed you should be buying. Remember that.
  4. That does not look like any weed I have smoked, I would not smoke that. Smoke that and you may die lol - Find another dealer.
  5. Oh jesus. That looks horrible. Definitely don't think that is weed.

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  6. Thats definitely not weed.
    I have seen some shitty zone in my day let me tell you, but that shit looks so nasty i would dump it. Your "friend" is a dick probably was feaning and got himself sum real chronic.

    Op thats eather some diseased shit or its not weed at all eather way i wouldnt smoke it.

    Try getting better pics

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    Weed is supposed to be green op. Sorry i know your situation sucks right now but at least learn something from this. Look up budshots on google or better yet a trip to the marijuana cultivation section right here on the city. Imo, this will help you identify what the goodshit looks like so there's no way you get ripped next time around. I hope this ordeal doesn't discourage you from trying the real medicine.

    Best of luck op

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  8. Those flakes are too large and thin to be weed. Looks like a mix of a lot of herbs but definitely not marijuana! Cheers

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  9. I dont think I would consider that a friend.
  10. It's hard to tell from a pic of it in a bag. But it's ground up, which is always a bad sign. Never buy ground up weed because it's either not really weed or it's mixed with who knows what. Also, if you take a bag that had weed in it but is empty, and you dump in oregano and basil and other nonsense, it's going to smell like weed because that plastic bag holds the smell of the weed it previously held. Invite your 'friend' over to smoke some. I bet he doesn't go for it. I think your friend probably took your money and bought weed with it. Then he took the weed out of the bag, added some nonsense into it along with maybe some of the shake that fell off for looks, and then handed it to you.

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    Mate, it might be cannabis "shake" only instead of the shake from a bag of buds it's ground up leaves. I wouldn't smoke it, and would try to get my money back. Cannabis should come in the form of buds with maybe a little bit of shake that broke off from the buds, if any shake. These other folks are right- you got ripped off. Also, there's nothing special about hydro, it's just not grown in soil. Sensemilla, "without seeds" is ideal, though some good cannabis can be seeded.
    If someone you know can tell if it's cannabis, I would cook with it rather than smoke it if it's the real thing.
    Good luck on your next buy, mate.
  12. looks like oregano and pencil shavings....
  13. That my friend is like synthetic shit, u got f'ed up . Go and get ur money back

    Wasted In This Wonderland
  14. No, that is very bad weed. Please throw it away.
  15. Is that even weed?

    Brown nasty leafy shake.
  16. Thats the wrong kinda herb lol. Could use it to season some chicken though.
  17. Yeah well fml. The weird thing is that there is some weed in there but theres also other leaves i think tbh.
  18. Bro, just call it a lost. I would stop talking to this "friend" of yours if they would even think to middleman that type of shit to you. Sorry Dog.
  19. Might be a mix of dried fan leaves and the sugar leaf, mixed in with some bud. Probably the popcorn buds someone got sick of trimming.

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