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Is this good weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bkdiet, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. I just picked up this, it hits me really good but am confused because the color seems really bad. The weed is really moist and sticky which I think is good. As I said before it got me pretty high which is why I'm confused about the color. Any help?

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  2. Yeah, whoever sold that to you saw you coming a mile away.  That weed is shit.  Wet is not good.  Sticky refers to the resin not waterlogged buds.
  3. do you mean sticky or moist 2 different things
  4. looks like dookie.  get a better shot of the nugs please
  5. I obtained for free just to be clear, will post better pics in a few
  6. Here's a better pic

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  7. It doesnt look too good, but for free? Cant complain
  8. uhh... please smell the flower and make sure
    you don't smell any musty scents.. you're claiming
    it has a high moisture level and doesn't look right
    in color? the last thing you want to do is smoke moldy
  9. not moist but kinda sticky and harder to break
  10. Here's the best pic, I think what I thought was brown is actually more orange or red?

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  11. the orange/red is the hairs... Nothing wrong with that, but the moistness means it wasn't cured properly. If you want you can leave them out in the open for about 5-10 hours and it will dry up a bit and might be better.;
  12. smoke that shit
  13. UR weed sucks
  14. Free. gets ya high, thats all that really matters. 
    When spending you can be picky and complain^^
  15. Just kidding...just kidding...

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  16. it's just some purple nugs that turned brown.
  17. The first pic honestly looks like dog shit. But if it's free and it gets you high then smoke it haha

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  18. Haha the reason I got this for free was I stumbled upon a hidden possibly forgotten stash quite some time ago and just recently started taking from it.
  19. When I showed my friend this weed he mentioned that it could be Acapucco Gold. I didn't really think it was at first, but is there any chance of this?

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