is this good size? fast? slow?

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  1. Day 35 since 12 12 switch.
    Is it looking good or should it be bigger?
    Veged for 45 days.

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  2. Looks good but I would do some clean up on her

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  3. Pics with the bluple lights makes it difficult to see the actual color of your plants. They look pretty good. Here's a pic of plants after 35 days of 12/12 and vegging for 35 days for a comparison.
    Flower 5 weeks.JPG
  4. No sir, just some bagseed!! Vegfor 45 days then switched to 12 and 12. 37 days ago. That pic is day 35 from switch
  5. That's beautiful, lot better than mine lmao.
  6. I thought you didn't wanna cut leaves off this far into flowerr
  7. I am conservative with it. But take what I am saying lightly, only on my 2nd grow. I just take out leaves that are blocking light from lower buds. I just try different techniques to see what works best for me.

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