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Is this good bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xxSniper1, Dec 27, 2013.

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    Hi I bought this bud of someone and would like to know if this is good or not.... The smell is very very strong, has to be bagged then put in a mason jar to keep the smell from straying... Have no idea of the weight of it or the strain.... 


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  2. yes its good weed

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  3. Its very good, smoke that shit.
  4. @[member="nanners"] what do you think the weight is? i don't have a scale handy..
  5.  Did you get this in FL by any chance?
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    Smoke it and find out haha. Looks can often be deceiving, although that is some lovely bud.
    As for weight that is a tough guess because it all depends on how dense the bud is. If it is a dense nug that could be around 1.5 grams, if it is fluffier than around 1 gram or less. There is no use for us to try to eyeball that over the internet, it is hard to tell how big it actually is in the pic because there is nothing to compare it to like a lighter.
  7. Looks yummy, get after it..
  8. Yes it looks like some dank, I would burn it.
  9. gram+
  10. i have no papers either, I was gunna pack it in an empty cigg..... Hoping it could maybe fill 2-3 empty ciggs?
  11. I think that might be pushing it on that one haha. I can see you getting one really nice one or two pinners. Get a cheap pipe if you can dude, those empty cig tubes are not that good to smoke from. Trust me I used to do that back when I was a teenager and couldn't roll a joint. A lot of weed goes to waste with those, and the filters don't help much either.
    Out of curiousity how does it go to waste and what if the filter is removed and fitted with a cardboard roach?
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    Smoking out of cigarette paper does not technically make the weed go to waste, however it does (in my opinion) make the whole experience of smoking a lot less enjoyable. Hence why I call it a waste.
    Bad taste of tobacco (unless you like it, then by all means), a really quick burn... I dunno, you can't savor it.
  14. Well they are never as tightly packed as a joint so they don't burn very well which ultimately wastes bud. Weed also falls out of those much easier than it would in a joint. Are you using empty tubes and a cigarette packing machine or pre-rolled cigs that you removed the tobacco from and intend to replace with weed? If it is the second option then you are likely not going to have a good time. If you go with the first option then mix it with some tobacco to make it burn more evenly and pack tighter. 
    Thanks for the answers by the way. I am using pre-rolled cigs with the tobacco removed completely... Filters out and replaced with a roach about half the size of the original filter.... I was gunna pack it down very tightly with a Q-Tip or something along those lines.... I do not have access to papers due to a few things in the way. 
  16. Well the best thing you can do here is try and get it packed in as tight as humanly possible haha. It works because I have done this a few times but you just want to take the time and pack it tight and make sure your bud is evenly ground up. That part is extra important!! If there is even one oversize bud chunk in the cig while the rest is ground up then it won't burn at the same speed and will cause the cherry to run down one side of the paper, thus wasting weed. This effect is twice as bad when using a cig tube.
    Perfect!! Thanks for the great answers boss. Appreciated. 
  18. No problem haha.

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