Is this good advice from my friend?

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    I post around on a lot of forums and one of my friends who grows recently gave me some advice. I was wondering if this is sound advice? My friend grows out in Cali and works for a dispensary but he said to do this for beginners. My closet is maybe 5 feet wide by 4 feet long and around the standard 10-12 feet tall for a regular apartment. Here's what he told me to do: 
    Is this good advice?

  2. Sure, I mean that is one way to go. Most growers like to change strains, training habits, nutes etc... To find what they like best. For me, I like to tell people to start off with cfl. They are cheap, easy to find and no big loss if something goes wrong.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Honestly I have my doubts, however I cannot say for sure. I know that using 2.5 gallon buckets with a mix of ocean forest/happy frog/gardner and bloom 33/33/33 as well as mixing in kelp meal/bat guano/rainbow mix and other trace elements my plants burned up all the nutrients and went deficient before harvest time. I had top quality organic smoke but my yields where never very high. usually about 1 oz per plant under 600 watt wide spectrum hps. room was about the same size.
     You will get some smoke, but I think your friends predictions are optimistic.
  4. Sounds pretty good to me, I have seen some of these lights advertised on Craig's(new) for $1.00 per watt. I have heard that they run cool but you will still need ventilation and a oscillating fan. Not sure about the tent just line the closet with panda or Mylar. Spend the money on ventilation.

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