Is this gonna be a low yield?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by psycicmind, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. why does everyone here use :smoking:high:smoking: numbers?
  2. Its a nice way of saying,
    " every strain and every grow is different, many things can determine yeild. From type of lights, room size, temps, strain, veg times, LST, topping, training, sog, scrog, CO2, Ventilation, soil, nutes and if you have enough lights to set off the English police drones. So in effect, we have no way of knowing what YOU are going to yeild but all of us have figured out that asking people on the internet will not get you any substantial information, let alone prudent numbers outside of a stoners guess "

    So with that said, I stick behing my number of 17lbs.
  3. i dunno man...the waiting and anticipation is driving me crazy!!
  4. The main question you are asking I am assuming to get answered is if underwater is going to have a big effect on yield, and I would say not this early.

    To answer actual yields at least give me total watts, pot size, and ANY training techniques and I can try to guess better.
  5. I know! Thats what is the fun part though! Good luck!
  6. 1.7 grams

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