Is this girl really still trying to tease?

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    Alright, I posted a thread on here not too long ago about a girl I like(d). Well, recently, I've been really good. Focusing on my own shit, coming to peace with my inner self. For once, I actually feel better than normal, and it's awesome. Summer's coming up, and I can't wait for the great memories I'm about to make. Anyways, so this girl, yeah, after some meditating and serious deep thinking about a lot of things, it finally came to me. I finally figured out why she was acting she did. And yes, it's because she's an immature little tease. I could be wrong, but from what I've heard and from how she acted a while ago, it seems to hold true. A lot more reasons go into it, but it's pretty much it in a nutshell.

    So, I have been occasionally talking to her. Sometimes a text here and there, but not too much. I keep picking up little hints though, even in a text message!!! She keeps texting me about how she can give me a sheet for classes next semester, she wants to get the same job I applied for, she may be getting a job by my house, etc. I'm not THAT stupid (still pretty dumb :smoking:) but I can't help but get the feeling this girl is trying to give me signs she's still interested. OR that she is just trying to keep me interested just so she can tease the shit out of me. She literally just texted me about how she's getting a job by my house, and I haven't initiated contact with her for about a week.

    Now, with my newfound self awareness and confidence, I'm thinking about maybe trying to get with this girl again. My mind is telling me two things:
    1. Just go with it, be yourself and just have fun, if you don't worry about this broad she's gonna end up wanting you more
    2. Ignore this little whore at all costs. Don't let her in on any of my good times, because she isn't worth it.

    I know I sound like a self righteous asshole, but with all my experiences where I've been a good guy, taken it slow or whatever, I basically got straight up left and ended up decently hurt. I don't want to be the guy who gets all torn up over a girl that didn't even like him that much to begin with anymore. Being a pussy that whines over the internet on forums about it...and yes, I was there not too long ago. Why do you think I'm here now :wave:
    So, what do you think? Please give any advice or insights on this. I am COMPLETELY open to any ideas (other than ridiculous idea, but go ahead and post em, I'll get a good laugh).

    By the way, sorry about the length. If you didn't read it, then oh well, you can spend your time doing something more useful. If you did read it, well, thanks haha
  2. attack!

  3. Was it really necessary to quote the OP for this?

  4. hahaha especially when that guy's post was #2 wtf...some people

    In my opinion, this girl doesn't sound like she is worth getting caught up on. Just ignore her and she will probably come to you.
  5. Yea that's what I thought I should do. And so far, it's kinda working.
  6. I,d tease her with a good old fashion cheek beaten :ey:
  7. might possible but no need to hurry
    maybe she wana check your attitude
  8. ditch her. it sounds like a bitch thing, but she's not going to bring any joy to your life. You're just convenient to her.
  9. If you go for it and she deny's you it's teasing. Right now it's flirting. Does she have a history of denying you? If so, then she has a personality flaw needs the attention for boost her ego at your expense and you should avoid her.
  10. See the thing is she has really only rejected me once. And it wasn't even that harsh, but pretty unexpected. She did have a couple tease moments before she rejected me, but I still don't know for sure if that's what she was trying to do. She did flake out two or three times though. But it was all leading up to the rejection, so I guess it was inevitable. We were going to schools an hour away from each other so I don't really blame her. Whatever, I really could care less what happens. The only thing I REALLY want is to bang her. That would be sweeeeeet:D
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    Give it another shot. If you get shot down again, then she's playing games and cut your losses.
  12. Yea that's what I was thinking about, but I still have the mixed feelings. I def am gonna give it another shot though, just don't know when. I'll update.
  13. Stoners think too much.

    Just go for it yo.

  14. Wow. I probably should've just thought like that from the start. Word man

  15. he has gone for it. He wants to know if he's wasting his time. You can only go for it so many times before you realize you've been played a fool.
  16. All you can do is try my friend. That nevers hurts.

  17. idk why but reading your thread reminded me of this!LOL
    [ame=]YouTube - Dirt Nasty - "1980"[/ame]
  18. Nothing wrong with trying? I mean, shes either fuckin with you, or wants you, wants you = good if you try, fuckin with you= rejection, but its a part of life, it wont kill you.
  19. Reverse roles?

    Sometimes a little teasing can tame the tease . . . (I guess?) :confused:

  20. Yup. I know I'm gonna try. If she does reject me I'm not going to talk to this girl ever again. Just not worth it.

    Yea, I've been messing with her a little bit. Sometimes not on purpose, but it seems to me that she's more interested than I am.

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