Is this Gandalf pipe worth 40$? (pics)

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by shadyonedeath, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    13" 40$ craigslist.

    worth it? or can I get a better one in Los Angeles?
  2. That sounds good to me. But you should save up for an awesome bong (if you dont already have) or some dank (if you dont already have).
  3. if you really want a pipe like that then go for it.
  4. Get it, but only if your good at handling your pieces cuz those break pretty easily

  5. Ya, super easy.

    I had a gandalf pipe that was probably about 3/4 the size of that one, shit didn't last a week.
  6. My friend bought on like that for $40, broke it before he got home :( Hes a dumbass, but still, couldn't have seen it lasting too long. If you get it keep it at home.

    He said it hit very well though.
  7. I wouldn't buy that. Not worth 40 dollars to me. Looks like it would break pretty easily. You can get a great pipe for under 40 bucks too.
  8. Looks like it would break way too easialy. You can get a much better, sturdier pipe then that for around 40 bucks too.
  9. yep buy a 40 dollar spoom or chillum and itll be dope for sure
  10. That looks legit as hell. I'd buy it for sure. But don't get it as a party piece. Bring it out for yourself or for close/trusted friends. That'll break damned easy
  11. That looks cool man haha. I can just picture it...

    "hey man can you pass it already?"

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    Bahahahahaa. Funny MotherF'er. I just coughed up a big hit when I read that...

    I feel like its going to break just looking at it. But, Looks nice as hell to smoke out of...
  13. I use a wooden Gandalf pipe.
    It's much cooler then the new glass ones.
    Mine's from 1972.
    Pretty cool.
    (Bought at a pawn shop, got it for a steal lol).
  14. it'd be a pain to clean, so not a good "primary" piece
  15. It'd be good if you've got a collection, but I wouldn't want that to be my daily device

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