Is this fungus infection what could it be ? Help !!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Thc_native, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0070.JPG I'm wondering if I should take of the leaves with the dots before it spread it look like a fungus infection to me what should I do and if it a fungus infection what is the spots
  2. Is the first two leaves that have them not the seedling leaves buh the first pointed leaves
  3. have you looked up spidermite or thrips damage?
  4. No I haven't I'm bout to right now it could be that I seen a bug in my soil the other day and kiled it
  5. I seen pictures of fungus knats I seen one this morning on my plant does that mean that is a fungus problem ? Or just bite damage
  6. your photos are too blurry for me to tell, unfortunately..
  7. USUALLY where there's one, there's more! Keep on yer toes! I would spray some Capt Jack's Dead Bug Brew (safe for plants and us), on leaves top and bottom as well as the soil. Must be the season, I saw one too..Bleh!
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  8. Huh^^^ ???
  9. Thanks man for the info ima have to pick up a bottle of that how much does that cost and I sprayed a 1/4 mix of 3% alchohol and water for now to help a lil and put my fan on it to blow them away a lil just until I get some type of spray
  10. Alcohol will probably damage the leaves! Better off using diluted dish soap until the real stuff arrives.

    I would stop doing stuff until you read about what you are attempting
    I pd $10usd for Capt. Jacks Ready to use (32oz ) at Home depot. Next time I am getting a pint of concentrate for $16.

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